Cyber Security and Cloud Computing Techniques Engineering

A brief overview of the department

The department was established in the academic year 2022-2023. The department’s Aims is focused on being an innovative, pioneering, and effective department in preparing national cadres specialized in cyber security and supplying the Iraqi labor market with highly technically qualified cadres in the field of cyber security technology engineering and cloud computing that contribute to developing and serving the local community and providing scientific and technical advice in the field of cyber security and The infrastructure of information technology departments in various governmental and private sectors. Design and build scalable, secure and robust security systems, in addition to qualifying them to work on data center systems and networks, and helping organizations understand advanced cyber threats and create strategies to protect their networks


The department’s vision is to be a creative, pioneering, and influential department within the regions and colleges of the Middle East and the world in the engineering of cybersecurity and cloud computing technologies. The department’s vision is to feed the market with an engineer that can design and build scalable, secure, and robust security systems, working on data center systems and networks, helping organizations understand advanced cyber threats, and creating strategies to protect their networks. The departments contribute to the development and service of the local and regional community by providing it with competent cadres and providing technical and scientific advice in the field of specialization. It contributes to the development and service of the local community by providing local and regional communities with competent cadres that provide scientific and technical advice in the field of cybersecurity and quality assurance of the infrastructure of information technology departments in various government sectors as well as private sectors.


The department’s mission is to Prepare distinguished and competent technical engineers in technical, organizational, and administrative means and protect computers, networks, and data from cyberattacks. Department’s mission Seek to stimulate students’ scientific potential to link the theoretical basis with the applied aspect of programs to be in line with the international standards adopted for specialization and be able to meet the needs of the governmental and private labor market as well as build and develop cooperative relations with all engineering and technical bodies locally and internationally.

Program Aims:

1. Preparing technical and engineering cadres with a high level of understanding, knowledge, and academic and technical preparation that combine engineering perceptions, technical creativity, scientific skill, and implementation quality in engineering cyber security technologies and cloud computing.

2. Prepare technical and engineering cadres responsible for building, designing, and protecting enterprise IT systems to prevent data breaches and keep them safe from hackers, viruses, and other potential problems.

3. Permanent development of study programs through cooperation with Arab and international academic institutions to suit the requirements of Iraqi and local cyber and national security programs and the needs of the labor market and provide a suitable environment for theoretical and practical teaching using the latest educational means.

4. Continuous qualification of the capabilities of faculty members, technicians, and administrators in the department through participation in seminars, conferences, and workshops held by the department or corresponding departments in local and international universities.

5. Cooperate with the departments to follow up on the department graduates and continuously evaluate their performance after graduation to ensure effective contribution to the market labor under a plan and a future vision to develop and expand the circle of market lobber participation.

6. Providing technical and academic consultancy in cybersecurity and cloud computing.

7. Adopting influential theories to develop the department’s capabilities in conducting research and studies. Furthermore, able to adapt to various working conditions and keep pace with the rapid developments in the field of specialization while respecting the profession’s ethics. Moreover, preparing the requirements of study to comply with the quality standards in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research through graduates equipped with various knowledge that qualify them to excel in their field of work

Medium and Course Assessment:

The program is based on the course system. The Cyber security and Cloud Computing Engineering Technologies program extends over four academic years and grants a bachelor’s degree in Cybersecurity Engineering Technologies and Cloud Computing

Graduation Requirements:

Students are required to successfully complete 42 courses (172 credits), including one capstone project.Those who have failed a course are allowed a second attempt and those who failed again are required to retake it.

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