Curriculum Courses WRTDTIH

1st Year Courses

noSubject NameThe number of hoursUnitsNotesType Item
1Hydraulic2248Studied In EnglishSpecialized
2Hygienic chemistry2248Studied in ArabicSpecialized
3Microbiology in water2248Studied in ArabicSpecialized
4Engineering drawing336Studied In EnglishSpecialized
5Maths336Studied In EnglishSupport
6Calculator (1)1236Studied in ArabicSupport
7Laboratories and workshop448Studied in ArabicGeneral
8Rights and democracy224Studied in ArabicGeneral

2nd Year Courses

 Subject NameThe number of hoursUnitsType ItemNotes
1Health fee336SpecializedStudied In English
2Filter drinking water2248SpecializedStudied in Arabic
3Waste water treatment2248SpecializedStudied in Arabic
4Drainage and distribution networks2248SpecializedStudied In English
5Filtering and processing equipment2248SpecializedStudied in Arabic
6Space23510SpecializedStudied in Arabic
7The project336SpecializedStudied in Arabic
8Calculator (2)1236SupportStudied In English