NTU seeks to be a hub of knowledge and a nurturing ground for scholars in Iraq. It aspires to be the primary source of exceptional technical graduates, intellectually, emotionally, and skillfully. Additionally, it serves as a strategic planning center for national development across Iraq. The university plays a pivotal role in achieving sustainable development in the country. It is dedicated to advancing applied and theoretical sciences, striving to reach the pinnacle of academic excellence and evaluation.


NTU is a university that combines modern intellectual thought with Iraqi heritage and delivers high-quality scientific and research contributions. It continually updates its technical curricula to keep pace with scientific advancements, which are reflected in the quality of its graduates and achieve the university’s motto (from study seats to work fields.)    


1. Preparing highly skilled technical staff in the field of specialization capable of dealing with all the accelerating technical changes in the world .

2. Bridging the gap between traditional scientific curricula and modern scientific ones, creating a reality that fulfills all future aspirations in order to create a reality that involves establishing an applied and research-oriented scientific environment that extends beyond the university campus, fostering openness and productive interaction with professional fields.

NTU Colleges and Institutes

Technical Engineering College of Mosul
Technical Enginnering College of Kirkuk
Technical College of Management Mosul
Technical College of Agriculture

College of Health and Medical Techniques/ Kirkuk

College of Oil and Gas Techniques Engineering/ Kirkuk

College of Health and Medical Techniques/ Aldour

Hawija Technical College

Mosul Technical Institute

Kirkuk Technical Institute

Nineveh Technical Management Institute
Hawija Technical Institute
Al-Dour Technical Institute

Mosul Medical Technical College