The Technical Institute is organizing a scientific symposium entitled Basic Rules for Fair Trials.
Hawija Technical Institute organizes an online scientific symposium on (Programmed Logical Controller and Programming Methods)
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The President of the Northern Technical University attends the periodic meeting of the four technical universities and the Technical Education Authority

At the kind invitation of the President of the Technical Education Authority and the President of the Central Technical University Prof. Dr. Abdul Mohsen Naji Al-Muhaisen, the President of the Northern Technical University Prof. Dr. Alia Abbas Ali Al-Attar attended the periodic meeting of the four technical universities and in the presence of the heads of technical universities, and the Director-General of the Department of Human Development in the Ministry of Planning Dr. Maha Abdul Karim Hammoud, deans of technical colleges, heads of technical specialization committees, Director General of Vocational Education in the Ministry of Education, and advisors in the Council of Ministers for the private sector, at the Technical Institute is one of the formations of the Central Technical University. During the meeting, they discussed setting visions and a strategy to develop Technical education and the specificity of technical universities because their outputs supply the labor market with highly skilled technical cadres.

The needs were also identified through a field survey of staff and discussion on the application of the national framework for technical and technical qualifications and the application of the Bologna track, similar to European universities, and a number of topics and files related to technical specializations in Iraq were discussed and joint cooperation on the formation of a specialized committee from both sides to undertake the process of evaluating the open technical colleges and departments in education In addition to discussing a number of issues that were raised on the agenda, including:

The components of the project to reform vocational and technical education and training in Iraq in its second phase, which is implemented by UNESCO and funded by the European Union.

Follow-up on the implementation of the national framework for technical and vocational qualifications

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