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Northern Technical University Council holds its ninth open session. The session was chaired by Dr. Aliaa Abbas Ali Al-Attar, the President of the Northern Technical University.
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The President of Northern Technical University inspects the progress of the final evaluation examination at the College of Health and Medical Technology…

Based on her message and policy of developing the educational environment, enhancing its scientific foundations, measuring the quality of its outputs, and improving them, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research has decided to adopt the final evaluation examination among government and private universities and colleges in the field of medical and health specialties.
Therefore, our esteemed President of Northern Technical University, Professor Dr. Aliya Abbas Ali Al-Attar, inspected the performance of the final evaluation examination at the College of Health and Medical Technology in Kirkuk. She observed the nature of the questions and spoke to the students with words of love, encouragement, and support. She requested them to exert their utmost effort to achieve high results in this examination, which reflects our university’s academic and scientific level.
The students expressed their satisfaction with the attention given to them by the President of the University and her commitment to providing and fulfilling all their needs to create a smooth examination environment for them.

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