Announcement/ Scholarships for Foreign Students

For foreign students who intend to study for Bachelor, Higher diploma, Master, or Ph.D. degree at Northern Technical University, we would like to inform you that our university has the honor to open its doors to you with (300) seats which cover several privileges (paid study fees,  discount on fees for dormitory and facilitation in residence permit procedures).

For more information, kindly contact the department of scholarships and cultural relations:


           Applying Conditions

  1. Study documents certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the student’s country and the Iraqi embassy or cultural attaché in that country.
  2. A passport valid for no less than two years from the date of its initial acceptance.
  3. For the morning study, the age of the applicant should not exceed 24 years for the applicant for a bachelor’s degree, and not more than 45 years for the applicant for a master’s degree, and not more than 50 years for the applicant for a PhD.
  4. The minimum overall GPA for students applying for scholarships in engineering disciplines should be 65%, while for scientific and humanities disciplines, it should be 60%.
  5. Research plan (research proposal).
  6. Recommendations of two (2) professors in the same specialty.
  7. Identification documents.
  8. Any other documents required by the university.
  9. A non-conviction document and a health certificate issued by his country.
  10. A written undertaking to abide by the laws, regulations, instructions and controls in Iraq.

         You can apply now by filling the application form Below