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Publication of joint research by a research team from the Northern Technical University in an international journal.

Joint research is published in an international journal entitled:

Characteristics of Green Mortar Containing Fly Ash with the Addition of Different Plasticizers

Within the scientific activity and cooperation of the Northern Technical University’s teachers, Prof. Dr. Eithar Thanoon Daoud, Associate Dean for Scientific Affairs and Graduate Studies at the Technical College of Engineering / Mosul, and the assistant teacher Waseem Thabet Muhammad Al-Tarisi in the Building and Construction Techniques Department of the Technical Institute / Mosul, published joint scientific research in the International magazine.

The International Review of Civil Engineering for the dissemination of scientific research, and is a solid journal within Scopus’ containers.

The research dealt with the subject of the effect of different additives (plasticizers) on the properties of green mortar containing flying ash.

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