Master degree of Microbiology (MDM) will graduate specialists in microbiology that have ability to detect different microorganisms that infected the human begin and   performance the vital chemical tests to diagnosis the microorganisms that assist physicians in patient diagnosis and treatment, as well as in disease monitoring or prevention (maintenance of health) for avoiding the spread of disease.  MDM delivers a rigorous learning experience across a wide spectrum of fields, including Immunological, Histopathological, Bacteriology and Parasitology, Biochemical analyses, Molecular biology, Microbial genetic and biotechnology techniques that play an essential role in saving patient life and diagnose microorganisms that cause the disease. The curriculum has the distinctive feature of a comprehensive postgraduate curriculum encompassing biochemistry, Diagnostic Bacteriology and advanced Parasitology, Immunology, Virology and Mycology, Molecular biology and Microbial genetic with antibiotic resistance.