1. The department aims to create specialized technical staff in managing administrative activities in both public and private sectors and using modern techniques and methods in the fields of organization management, human resources management, marketing, project management and evaluation, production, quality, planning and development.

  2. Enrich administrative thought with concepts and issues related to electronic knowledge such as computer applications, internet use, etc., as well as management and other activities.

  3. The business management program provides students with the skills needed to work alone or in a team.

  4. The Department of Business Management Technologies seeks to provide students with theoretical and applied knowledge of business management to meet the different needs of different types of business organizations in the local and regional environments.

  5. Stimulating and supporting scientific research in the fields of business administration at the level of faculty members and students, establishing and supporting participation in local, Arab and international conferences and seminars and cooperating with business administration departments in other universities in scientific fields.

  6. Providing courses to all departments of the state and various disciplines in order to improve the reality of those departments.