The department objectives are:
• Has a role in enriching and assigning different fields whether academic or labor market.
•As well as emphasizing the integration of the statistical and informatics aspect and access to the production of knowledge that contribute to building the future of the knowledge society.
The aims are focused on achieving the following indicators:
• The continuous aspiration towards knowledge excellence in education, scientific research and professional service in various sciences.
• Preparing students for the labor market and developing their abilities to interact and communicate with others through active participation in the field training program.
• Acquiring the skills to present ideas and work within one team, through graduation projects.
• Qualification of students for postgraduate studies in the field of statistics and informatics.
• Preparing the scientific cadres through postgraduate programs.
• Interacting with other sciences, especially mathematics and computer science
• Contributing to the development of statistics and its branches through innovative scientific research and participation in seminars and scientific conferences, and hosting some of them.