Program Aim:

The Department of Mechanical Technologies program will develop students’ core competencies as follows:
1. Providing the student with the skill and ability to interact with devices and machines and use them to perform their own operations and measure the products produced in the workshops.
2. Providing the student with the manual skill to implement operating and manufacturing operations using various manual tools and measuring tools, and the ability to work and operate the operating machines in the optimal production method.
3. Teaching students the concept of quality control and its importance in various industries in a manner that serves to improve productivity and reduce the percentage of spoilage.
4. Training the student on the role of mechanical parts in the machine system, the relationship that links these parts to each other, and how to perform some calculations for the design of these parts and to identify all the factors affecting them.
5. Teaching the student to engineering and industrial drawing using the AutoCAD program.
6. Study the engineering properties of crystalline and amorphous materials and identify the mechanical properties of metals and alloys.
7. Introduce the student to the use of mathematics in other scientific subjects and increase his ability to think logically when solving exercises, as well as increase his ability to develop and how to link data with his information to obtain a solution to the problem.