Diploma of mechanical power techniques

The main program of the Department of Power Mechanics Techniques includes the following:
Program objective: The power generation branch aims to prepare the technical staff that will be the link between the specialist and the skilled worker. The scientific branch prepares the graduate and provides him with theoretical, applied and practical information to be able to carry out the work assigned to him.
The Department of Power Mechanics Techniques aims to achieve the following general objectives:

Automobile Branch Techniques:
1) The ability to identify mechanical and electrical faults in cars.
2) Carrying out regular maintenance for gasoline and diesel cars.
3) The ability to manage and operate service and maintenance stations.

Power Plants Techniques Branch:
1) Work in power plants of various types (steam, gas, hydroelectric, diesel … etc.) with the operation of components and their units.
2) Carry out emergency and periodic maintenance work for the components and units of the various stations, along with their measuring devices.
3) Working in pumping stations, operating and maintaining their various components.