Program Aim_tca

The program aims to prepare qualified technical staff who possess some qualities such as:
•  Technical qualifications that enable them to enter the labor market efficiently. Providing specialized knowledge in the principles of agricultural engineering techniques through learning the specializations of plants, soil science, horticulture, field crops, environment and life technologies, in addition to agricultural guidance and economics, in addition to modern methods and methods in dry agriculture, water rationing and conservation.  
• High skills in various agricultural sciences and specialties that are able to deal with work requirements with modern technical methods and develop the specialized skills needed in the implementation and design of laboratory and field projects in addition to developing the ability to deal with problems that occur using the latest methods used at the global level.  
• Promote the concepts of qualitative and quantitative excellence in order to achieve the standards of quality and scientific competence.   
• Communication skills and the development of the ability to organize and present information effectively, whether orally, in writing, or using video and audio communication means.  
• Preparing the graduate to be successful in completing his scientific career by obtaining post-bachelor’s degrees and providing broad attention to the problems that arise in professional practice, including teamwork, leadership, occupational safety, ethics, service and economics.