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The President of the Northern Technical University meets with Dr. Sheikha Al-Mosuliya Sabriya Yahya Hammoudi
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Northern Technical University organizes a workshop on the provisions of intonation for women

 Under the patronage of the President of the Northern Technical University, Prof. Dr. Alia Abbas Ali Al-Attar, the Women’s Empowerment Unit at the Presidency of our university organized a workshop entitled “Provisions of Tajweed for Women” delivered by Dr. Sheikha Al-Mosuliya Sabriah Yahya Hammoudi. The workshop touched on “the names of women, the draped pearls, a message with the calm, the gentle and soft word in the highest meanings, the equivalent capabilities of Islam working to distort this pure religion and show it with the appearance of primitive ideas and that we do not have the ability to fight the battles of change and renewal and reach the nation towards (empowerment) empowering women in particular and men in general.

A woman possesses civility, reason, the gentleness of character, good character, integrity, and adherence to the provisions of the Shari’a. And we instructed the women to comprehend the rulings of women according to their biological composition, for the woman is the example in the sincerity of the word, the fulfillment of the covenant, and the self-immolation for the successful upbringing of her children.

Women are protected, enhanced by dignity, and this is what Islam decided, as women were not respected in the pre-Islamic era, and infanticide of girls was present, as God Almighty said in his Noble Book [And if one of them gives good tidings to the female, his face will remain black, so he is oppressive]

Then the workshop dealt with:

 The rulings on recitation and how we read the Qur’an in the correct form are attributed to the Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him.

Provisions of consonant nun, tanween, vowel exits, long vowels, qabalah, and stress Provisions of consonant meems and upper and lower case letters, then began to discuss the present and answered questions. A number of university affiliates participated in the workshop.

At the end of the workshop, the official of the Women Empowerment Unit, Ms. Hanadi Salem Muhammad, presented a certificate of appreciation to the lecturer for her efforts to enrich the lecture.

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