Production mechanics techniques

About the establishment of the department

   This department was established in 1976 and the number of students accepted in it in the year of its founding was (30) students. The department currently includes (182) students. The students of the second stage for the academic year (2018-2019) are (122) students, and the students of the first stage are (65) students. The number of graduates of the department for the academic year is (98) graduates.

  The Department of Mechanical Technology/Production is one of the main technological departments in our institute, which is concerned with studying and teaching mechanical technical methods related to how to operate and use devices and machines related to the department’s specialty in order to raise the efficiency of those working on them to serve the public interest. The department is moving towards expanding the base of technical education and its modern applications to be A pioneer in providing contemporary technical services based on the spirit of competition and cooperation with everyone to serve and develop society.

The department adopts its mission based on the philosophy of technical education in Iraq, and aims in its mission to activate its achievement to highlight the distinction of the department. Its general objectives are focused on graduating technical cadres with a high level of skill, training to be able to absorb modern technology systems, and supporting the process of technical development to keep pace with global technical developments. Through

1-Using computer and Internet technologies in education and training.

2-Activating the relationship with the private sector in the areas of training.

3-Follow up on the development of training plan curricula and then update laboratories and workshops.

4-Interaction with the labor market and community needs in qualifying and training