Accounting Technologies Department

The department was established in the Technical Institute / Kirkuk, starting from the academic year 1978, when admission began, and the number of students in the founding year was (47) students. The department aims to prepare middle technical cadres capable of carrying out accounting tasks. Studying (40%) and practical, scientific, specialized training (60%), in addition to the summer training that the student will undergo as part of completing the study requirements in government institutions. Graduates from this department are awarded a technical diploma in the field of accounting techniques. The first students in the department, at a rate of (10%), are granted the privilege of completing their studies immediately after their graduation from colleges with an accounting major, with the aim of obtaining a bachelor’s degree in accounting.


Upgrading the accounting profession in line with the rapid economic development by achieving a high level of creativity and excellence, and to serve all sectors of the economy, and the department assumed the leadership center in education and academic and professional accounting research at the level of Iraq, through the adoption of standards issued by the International Accounting Standards Council (IFAC) In the field of accounting education, and the technical standards issued by it, in addition to strengthening the role of the department to develop theoretical and applied knowledge in accordance with the scientific, ethical, social and cultural standards of society.


Strengthening the role of the accountant in achieving economic development with its neutral and oversight role in accomplishing the work and supporting the process of technical development to keep pace with the rapid global technical developments. Experienced and professional to apply advanced curricula in accounting techniques