Marketing techniques

Vision Part of the comprehensive vision of the Technical University Technical Institute of Kirkuk, which is looking for a distinguished educational and research contribution to community service. It emphasizes community service through distinction in providing education, community education, job market expectations, and development projects in the province and the country. the message:- Providing distinguished technical education to graduate qualified human cadres at the level of the technical community, with knowledge, capabilities and skills to meet the needs of society and development projects in the governorate according to a distinct administrative educational environment that supports creative research. Core values: • Respect for ethical values and long-standing academic traditions. • Commitment to correct professional behavior. • Work to achieve the concepts of quality in performance • Developing teamwork • Achieving distinction and success • Develop self-confidence and take responsibility The strategic goals of the department 1- Preparing the department for academic accreditation for the competent bodies internally and externally 2- Improving the educational technology environment for the department and the infrastructure 3- Developing the human cadres in the department 3- Developing the department's research plan to serve the department's vision and mission