Department of Plant Production Techniques


The department represents a scientific and practical rehabilitation center for preparing a middle cadre. It provides the agricultural sector, as well as the country and society as a whole, with effective scientific and practical skills that fulfill the country’s quantity and quality demands. It also provides the graduates with the requirements most needed in the agricultural field in all its specialties. These efficient cadres are equipped with work experiences to implement agriculture programs to realize production.


The department focuses on creating intermediate agricultural technical cadres that contribute to the development of the agriculture sector in all of its branches and specialties, as well as implementing new agricultural production technologies in both vertical and horizontal segments. Organic agriculture, for example, is one of the topics covered by the department (clean agriculture) which makes a major contribution to environmental cleanliness by removing pollutants and pesticides. The graduate has practical and technical abilities that qualify him to implement agricultural projects by collaborating with scientists and agriculture engineers to find the best solutions. The ultimate objective for boosting Iraqi rural reality in accordance with contemporary agricultural advances is to implement initiatives in a way that achieves creativity.


The department’s goal is to train and qualify technical cadres who will work in agricultural departments and divisions, as well as departments that incorporate agricultural divisions and units, such as municipal departments and others. The graduate will be qualified to work in a variety of agriculture specialties, including using modern agricultural mechanization in agricultural production, producing and multiplying all types of ornamental seedlings, fruits, and vegetables, working in the field of field crop production, bush control, summer and winter field crops, fodder crops, and the production of fruit and ornamental seedlings and shady trees; in addition, garden design, building, and engineering, as well as disease and pest resistance in all types of crops. Clean agriculture, which is similar to organic farming, was recently implemented, which depends on vital inputs without using chemicals, and managing agricultural fields and providing their requirements in a manner that ensures obtaining the best productivity in quantity and quality. Furthermore, garden design, construction, and engineering, as well as disease and insect resistance in all sorts of crops are also covered. Clean agriculture, which is comparable to organic farming in that it relies on necessary inputs without using chemicals and manages agricultural fields, and supplies their needs in a way that assures the highest production in terms of quantity and quality, has recently been adopted. Fruit and vegetable production, modern orchards, the establishment of nurseries for the production of various sorts of seedlings (fruit, ornamental, vegetables, woods), as well as garden design and construction, are all included. To work in crop production, plant development, plant and bush disease resistance, agricultural field management, and the supply of needs achieve the highest level of production feasible.