The Chairman of the Parliamentary Higher Education Committee visits the Northern Technical University and opens a new hall with high specifications
The President of the Northern Technical University attends part of the discussion of the diploma thesis, which discusses “the possibility of improving the resistance to biological corrosion”
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Under the auspices of the President of the Northern Technical University, Prof. Dr. Alia Abbas Ali Al-Attar, President of the Northern Technical University, the Department of Media and Public Relations at the Presidency of the University, in cooperation with Engineer Firas Muhammad Al-Jumaili, announces a course on the art of etiquette. The course includes the following lectures:

1- The title of the first lecture (International Protocol: Introduction to the art of etiquette and protocol with different cultures) delivered by Mrs. Lisa Perotti, consultant, and trainer in hospitality, protocol, and etiquette, on Tuesday, 06/21/2022 at eight in the evening

2- The title of the second lecture (the importance of etiquette and rules of protocol in scientific institutions) was given by the media lady, Natalie Andrews, certified expert and trainer of etiquette and personal skills, on Wednesday, 22/06/2022 at eight in the evening, for participation. Enter via the link below:


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