The Ministry of Higher Education announces the opening of the transfer and hosting form, and sets the twenty-ninth of next September as the date for the end of the application
The Technical College of Engineering / Kirkuk organizes an electronic workshop entitled “How to write sober scientific research and methods of publication in international journals”…
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Al-Door Technical Institute organizes a scientific symposium entitled “Cholera Disease”

Under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Alia Abbas Ali Al-Attar, President of the Northern Technical University, and under the supervision of Assistant Professor Dr. Maha Al-Taif Jassim, Dean of the Institute, the Women Empowerment Committee at the Technical Institute organized an electronic scientific symposium entitled (Cholera, given by Mrs. (Lubna Amer Muhammad), the lecturer at the Institute. The symposium aimed to:

  1. Recognize cholera.
  2. Explain how the disease is transmitted and spread.
  3. Explain the symptoms of the disease and how to distinguish it from other diseases.
  4. Learn about prevention methods and the most prominent vaccines that work to reduce disease.
  5. Health awareness, personal hygiene, and cleanliness of food and drink.

The seminar indicated the need for:

  1. Commitment to prevention to reduce disease.
  2. Attention to personal hygiene and cleanliness of water and food.
  3. Not to travel to places where the disease is spread
  4. Take the vaccine to reduce the spread of the disease.
  5. Not eat food that is not cooked well and not drink unsterilized water because it is a source of disease spread.

Ms. Manal Mahdi Saleh, the liaison member, indicated that this seminar is part of the activities of the committee, in cooperation with the Women Empowerment Unit at the University Presidency during this period, and was attended by the Dean of the Institute and several female staff at the Institute.

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