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1 Northern Technical UniversityAdministrative Technical College / MosulBusiness management techniquesTHE DOLLAR AND ITS DIRECT EFFECTS ON THE RISE IN OIL PRICES (ARAB GULF STATES AS A MODEL) Muhammad Naguib Saleh Al-Banna/Fadwa Ali Hussein Al-Abd1World Economics and Finance Bulletin( WEFB )237/25/20231Scholar Express Foundation
2Business management techniquesThe effect of green human resources management in achieving outstanding performance - a survey studyHeba Muhammad HusseinMuhammad Ismail Abed1Journal of Business Economics4(5)5/30/20231University of Fallujah, College of Administration and Economics
4Business management techniquesThe contribution of rapid response manufacturing to achieving operational excellence - an exploratory studyHeba Muhammad HusseinIsraa and Adallah Qasim1Journal of the Northern Technical University for Administrative and Human Sciences3(2)3/28/20231Northern Technical University / Administrative Technical College
5Electronic management techniquesDuha Khaled Abdul Rahman1Enhancement the Educational Technology by Using 5G Networks11/18/20231111
6Electronic management techniquesThe Role of Digitization In Revitalizing The Course SystemDuha Khaled Abdul Rahman1Journal of Education and Science3111/16/20221
7Electronic management techniquesAn Empirical Study on the Impact of Digital Innovation in Achieving the Digital Organizational IdentityDuha Khaled Abdul Rahman1Journal of System and Management Sciences11/25/20231111
8Electronic management techniquesThe Role of Electronic Reading in Reducing the Digital Divide and Its Implications for E-LearningDuha Khaled Abdul Rahman1Journal of System and Management Sciences44/30/2023111
9Business management techniquesThe Role of Electronic Reading in Reducing the Digital Divide and Its Implications for E-LearningNibal Younis MuhammadDuha Khaled Abdul Rahman1Journal of System and Management Sciences13(4)8/12/20231111
10Accounting techniquesTHE IMPACT OF CORONA VIRUS ON THE GLOBAL ECONOMY IN SELECTED COUNTRIESCOUNTRIESDina Ahmed Omar1RIMAK International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences51/1/20231
11Accounting techniquesThe Impact Of The Corona Pandemic On The PublicPolicies Of Countries - A Case Study Of NorthTHE IMPACT OF ASYLUM ON ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT (Jordan Case Study)h AfricanCountriesDina Ahmed Omar1American Journal of Business Management, Economics and Banking158/8/202311
12Accounting techniquesThe Impact Of The Corona Pandemic On The Public Policies Of Countries - A Case Study Of North African CountriesDina Ahmed Omar1Ilkogretim Online - Elementary Education Online,21(4)10/23/20231
13Accounting techniquesThe stimulating role of artificial intelligence on the business environment in Arab countriesMufid Thanoun YounisDina Ahmed Omar1Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Administrative and Financial Sciences/Cihan University/Erbil8/1/20231Cihan University/Erbil
14Business management techniquesEmploying strategic capabilities in crisis management: An exploratory study of the opinions of a sample of managers at Asiacell Mobile Communications Company in Iraq Mahmoud Shaaban Khader Abdullah1Journal of Business Economics4(2)3/28/20231
15Business management techniquesOrganizational generosity and its implications for cohesion among employees: a theoretical and applied studySultan Ahmed KhalifNaba Moayad Abdul Hussein1Journal of Baghdad University College of Economic Sciences737/17/20231
16Business management techniquesIntegrated marketing communications and its impact on market share: An exploratory study of the opinions of a sample of managers at Korek Mobile Communications Company in the Nineveh and Erbil governorates.Mahmoud Shaaban KhadrAhmed Khaled Abdel Rahman1Al-Muthanna Journal of Economic and Administrative Sciences13(1)3/31/20231
17Business management techniquesOrganizational intelligence and its reflection on organizational reputation: an exploratory study of the opinions of a sample of department heads at the University of MosulAhmed Khaled Abdel RahmanMahmoud Shaaban Khadr1Journal of Economic and Administrative Studies31(2)6/30/20231
18Business management techniquesThe availability of moral capital dimensions in business organizationsSultan Ahmed KhalifSafaa Saleh1Al-Qalam University College Journal9/6/20221
19Business management techniquesAdministrative leadership priorities from the perspective of heads of scientific departments at the University of MosulSultan Ahmed KhalifSafaa Saleh1Business Economics for Applied Research89/6/20221
20Electronic management techniquesThe reality of the dimensions of organizational prosperity in the Nineveh Health Department / exploratory study Nora Aziz FattahNews of Muayad Abdul Hussein1 Tikrit Journal of Administrative and Economic Sciences623/6/20231
21Electronic management techniquesThe role of green supply chain management activities in sustainable developmentRana Jamal KhalilHarith Hussein Ali1Supplement to the Iraqi University Journal1(17)11/3/202211Manara Foundation for Development and Education
22Electronic management techniquesThe role of comprehensive productive maintenance in achieving green maintenanceHarith Hussein AliShahla Salem Khalil1Al-Rafidain Development Magazine13612/1/20221University of Al Mosul
23Business management techniquesContributions of Leadership Styles to Digital Transformation-An Exploratory Study of the Opinions of a Sample of Administrative Leaders at the Northern Technical UniversityNibal Younis MuhammadAbdo Omar1Information Systems Technology27(6)11/4/2022111International Information and Engineering Technology Association (IIETA)
24Business management techniquesOrganizational values and technological innovation - relationship and impact: An exploratory study in the General Company for Textile and Leather Industries/MosulAdel Abdullah Aziz1Journal of Business Economics for Applied Research4(4)4/30/20231University of Fallujah - College of Administration and Economics
25Business management techniquesThe role of organizational loyalty in supporting information security management: An exploratory study in the Central Bank of Iraq/Mosul BranchAdel Abdullah Aziz1Anbar University Journal of Economic and Administrative Sciences15(2)6/27/20231Anbar University - College of Administration and Economics
26Agricultural Technical CollegeAnimal production techniquesimpact of flax and palm oil and vitamin E on the physiological characteristics of broilersMohammad Jawdat AzizAzhar Majid Ibrahim1001IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science11802023/
27Animal production techniquesEffect of palm oil, linseed oil and vitamin E on some production parameters of broilersMohammad Jawdat AzizShehab Muhammad Hamid1PublishedIOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science12142023/
28Animal production techniquesEffect of Adding Turmeric Powder and Vitamin C on the Productive Performance of BroilersAhmed Khaleel Al-SanjaryAzhar Majid Ibrahim1PublishedIOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science11582023/
29Animal production techniquesEffect of adding turmeric and vitamin C in broiler diets on some biochemical and blood characteristicsAhmed Khaleel Al-SanjaryShehab Muhammad Hamid1PublishedIOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science11582023/
30Animal production techniquesEFFECT OF SHEEP'S MILK ENRICHMENT WITH DRIED OYSTER MUSHROOM (PLEUROTUS OSTREATUS) POWDER IN YOGURT QUALITY CHARACTERISTICSQusar Hamed AL KaisyDhia Ibrahim Jerro Al-Bedrani1PublishedJournal of Hygienic Engineering and Design422023/
31Animal production techniques Impact of acetic acid on milk yield, composition, and some blood parameters in Awassi ewes at different stages of lactationMohammed Wasfi MustafaOmar Dheyaa Mohammed1PublishedJournal of Hygienic Engineering and Design422023/
32Animal production techniquesStudying the effect of milk source on physicochemical, texture, rheological and sensory properties of yogurtDhia Ibrahim Jerro Al-BedraniQusar Hamed AL Kaisy100PublishedJournal of Applied and Natural Science15(1)2023/
33Animal production techniquesEffect of ivermectin on some neurochemical parameters and histological changes in chicksTamara Khaled AL-NajmawiMuna Hazim AL-Zubaidy1Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Sciences/
34Animal production techniquesASSESSMENT OF Β-SECRETASE AND SOME PARAMETERS IN TYPE 2 DIABETES MELLITUSAkram Ahmed Hamad Al-AliShihab Ahmed Yousif1PublishedNanobiotechnology reports82022/
35Animal production techniquesPurification, Characterization, and Inhibition of Tyrosinase from Jerusalem Artichoke (Helianthus Tuberosus L.) TuberOmar Younis AL-AbbasyWathba Idrees Ali1Reports of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology/
36Animal production techniquesThe role of Rocket (Eruca sativa) as dietary supplementation to enhance fish nutrition and health: A review.Saud Duraid Al-RaweAbd Al-Bar Al-Farha1PublishedIOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science11582023/
37Animal production techniquesEffect of adding Eruca sativa in common carp on growth criteria, feed utilization and chemical compositionSaud Duraid Al-RaweMahmoud Ahmad Muhammad1PublishedIraqi Journal of Veterinary Sciences362022/
38Animal production techniquesThe Influence of the Lambing Season on Awassi Sheep Milk Quality, Milk Productivity, and Biochemical TraitsAbdul Rahman B. Al-HamdaniKhalid HS Al-Hamdani1PublishedIOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science11582023/
39Animal production techniquesEffect of lambing season on milk quality and hygiene of Awassi sheepAbdul Rahman B. Al-HamdaniAbd Al-Bar Al-Farha1PublishedIOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science11582023/
40Animal production techniquesNano-zinc oxide and zinc sulfate in broilers: effect on thyroid hormones and internal intestinal environmentsFalah Salah MahmoudAbd Al-Bar Al-Farha1PublishedEgyptian Journal of Veterinary Sciences54(3)2023//
41Animal production techniquesEffect of Using Slow-Release Urea on Food Compound Digestion Coefficient and some Rumen and Blood Fluid Traits in Awassi LambsWasseem AmerMuthanna Ahmad Muhammad1PublishedIOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science12132023/
42Animal production techniquesVEGF Gene Expression and Angiogenesis in the Choriollantoic Membrane: the Role of Cloprostenol Naba Khaled AbdullahDr. Muhammad Khaled Shandala1PublishedEgyptian Journal of Veterinary Sciences 54 (3)2023/
43Animal production techniquesAcute toxicity events of ivermectin in model chicksTamara Khaled Al-NajmawiMuna Hazim AL-Zubaidy1PublishedIraqi Journal of Veterinary Sciences42022/
44Animal production techniquesEffect of ewes weight postpartum and adding turmeric to the feed intake on productive performance and lambs growthMuthanna F. Al-JuwariNadia M. . Al-Shaar1
45Animal production techniquesThe effects of dietary addition of acetic acid on milk yield and composition in Awassi ewes at an early stage of lactationMohammed Wasfi MustafaOmar Dheyaa Mohammed1Food Research7(4)2023/
46Animal production techniquesThe addition of citrus Aurantium leaves and tomato pomace in the diet of Awassi ewes and the impact on milk composition and matured cheeseAli Mohammed SaadiNehan B. Jafar1Food Research/
47Animal production techniquesESTIMATION OF THE EFFECTIVENESS OF LACTIC ACID BACTERIA IN REDUCING THE CONCENTRATIONS OF MYCOTOXINS CONTAMINATING GOAT MILKKhalaf Nahar Ahmad1Ziad Tariq Samir1Journal of Hygienic Engineering and Design402022/
48Animal production techniquesImpact of some enzymes and probiotic mixture on milk production, components and some blood traits in Awassi ewesNadia M. . Al-ShaarMuthanna F. Al-Juwari1Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science/
49Animal production techniquesThe Role of Strategic Crops in enhancing Iraq food security for the period 1996-2021 and predicting the size of the food gap for the year 2030 (Weat crop as model)Awan Abdel-Qader ZidanAmna Abdel - Elah Hamdoun1
50Animal production techniquesStudy the effect of adding different levels of black currant juice pomace on the hematological, biochemical and growth characteristics of awassi sheepAzhar Majed IbrahimOmar Dhya Mohammed1Journal of Hygienic Engineering &Design172023/
51Animal production techniquesInfluence of Nano-zinc Oxide and Zinc Sulfate on Some Hematological Values and Liver Function in Broiler Under High Ambient TemperatureFalah Salah MahmoudAbd Al-Bar Al-Farha1Egyptian Journal of Veterinary Sciences54 (3)2023/
52Technologies to combat desertificationAssessment the ability of water with different ionic strength to dissolve and precipitate carbonate minerals according to omega(Ω) and saturation index(SI)Visions of Nawfal NafiHazem Mahmoud Ahmed1IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science for publication/1University of Al Mosul
53Technologies to combat desertificationDevelopment of object detection from point clouds of a 3-D dataset by point-pillars neural networkOmar Ibrahim Dalal BashiHossam El-Din Khaled Hamid1
54Technologies to combat desertificationEffect of Covid-19 on PregnancySana Abdullah AhmedAlaa Younis Mahdi1Scientific rerearch Journal of Agriculture and life Sciences610/11/2022/Northern Technical University
55Technologies to combat desertificationEcological consequences consequences on sustainable development in IraqIbrahim Elias NasserWhich one is Taha Hassan?1Technium Ecogeomarine128/9/2022/1Northern Technical University
56Technologies to combat desertificationMorphological and Physicochemical Characteristics Of Agricultural Soils in Zummar Region,Northwest Iraq.Samara Saad YounusYousif hassan al-naser1IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science
57Plant production techniquesSeparation and identification of some active compounds in cumin seed oil (Cuminum cyminum) by MS-GC and GLCMuhammad Riad NajmDr. Fatima Ibrahim1
58Plant production techniquesThe effect of coriander extract and soaking time on the cultivation of three barley varieties and identification of active compounds using a GCMS deviceMuhammad Ahmed IbrahimDr. Jassim Abdullah Hayawi1Karbala Journal of Agricultural Sciences39/20/2022Inside Iraq/University of Karbala / Karbala Journal of Agricultural Sciences
59Plant production techniquesEvaluation of phytochemical components by GC-MS, HPLC AMuhammad Riad NajmDr. Fatima Ibrahim1IOP Conference Earth and Environment9/13/2022Inside Iraq/IOP Conference Earth and Environmental/Al-Qadisiyah University Conference
60Plant production techniquesSeparation and identification of some natural products from cumin seeds and the study of biological activityMuhammad Riad NajmDr. Fatima Ibrahim1The First International Conference on Sustainable Development Technologies ICSDT20226/29/2022Inside IraqNorthern Technical University / The First International Conference on Sustainable Development Technologies ICSDT2022
61Plant production techniquesThe Response of Three Barly Cultivars to Cumin Extract at Different Soaking Times and the identification of the Active Compounds Using GCMSMuhammad Ahmed IbrahimDr. Jassim Abdullah Hayawi11IOP Conference Earth and Environment9/13/2022Inside Iraq/1IOP Conference Earth and Environmental/Al-Qadisiyah University Conference
62Plant production techniquesThe effect of biofertilizer and planting dates for local chickpeas, Cicer arietinum LSamir Ahmed ArabizesDr. Jassim Abdullah Hayawi1Kirkuk University Journal of Agricultural Sciences7/27/2022Inside IraqKirkuk University / College of Agriculture / Kirkuk University Journal of Agricultural Sciences
63Plant production techniquesThe timing of spraying with different concentrations of Atlatens pesticide to combat wild oats, Avena fatua, associated with the wheat crop.Ghadeer loyal bornDr. Jassim Abdullah Hayawi1Kirkuk University Journal of Agricultural Sciences4/28/2022Inside IraqKirkuk University / College of Agriculture / Kirkuk University Journal of Agricultural Sciences
64Plant production techniquesStudy the effect of biofertilizer on the growth and yield of local chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) at different planting datesSamir Ahmed ArabizesDr. Jassim Abdullah Hayawi1The First International Conference on Sustainable Development Technologies ICSDT20226/29/2022Inside IraqNorthern Technical University / The First International Conference on Sustainable Development Technologies ICSDT2022
65Plant production techniquesThe Effect of Spraying Time with Different Concentrations of Atlantis Hebicide in Controlling the Radish (Raphanus raphanistrum L.) Associated with the wheat CropGhadeer loyal bornDr. Jassim Abdullah Hayawi1The Third International Scientific Conference on Agriculture and Sustainable Development ISAESC2022, Al-Qadisiyah University6/26/2022Inside IraqIOP Conference Earth and Environmental/Al-Qadisiyah University Conference
66Plant production techniquesEffect of different planting dates and weed density of wild oats Avena fatua L. on the growth and yield of wheat Triticum aestivumGhadeer loyal bornDr. Jassim Abdullah Hayawi1The First International Conference on Sustainable Development Technologies ICSDT20226/29/2022Inside IraqNorthern Technical University / The First International Conference on Sustainable Development Technologies ICSDT2022
67Plant production techniquesMolecular and Phenotypic Analysis as A Diagnostic Tool of Candida Spp Infections Associated with COVD19Nebras Salman FarajDr.. Fahd Khalaf Yassin1NTU Journal of pare scienes (NTU -SPS)14(2)2022/1Egypt Acad.j.Biolog.Sci. Egyptian Academy Journal of Biological Sciences
68Plant production techniquesThe genetic relationship and genetic dimension of Candida ssp isolated from COVID 19 patients.Nebras Salman FarajDr.. Rafi Zidan Al-Salmani1Northern Technical University / Northern Technical University Journal of Pure SciencesInside IraqNorthern Technical University / Northern Technical University Journal of Pure Sciences
69Plant production techniquesStudy of the effect of probiotic from different sources o lipid profile and sugar and patient with hypercholesterolemiaAbeer Saleh HassanDr. Abdul Muttalib Badr Munhi1
70Plant production techniques Estimate of general and specific combining ability for Double Crosses of Corn ( Zea mays L.)Dr.. Haitham Abdel Sattar Saeed1
71Plant production techniquesEffect of spraying nano-fertilizer (high potassium) with different planting dates on the growth yield of green beans (Vicia faba L).Alaa Khaled IbrahimBakr Siddiq Mahmoud1
72Plant production techniquesInfluence of lignin mixing ratio of Melia aeedarach L. with some fertilizer on plant height, number of Leaves and leaf area charaet eristics of Olea eurepea L. seedlings (Arbequina Var)Omar Ahmed FathiEssam Mohamed Sheet1
73Plant production techniquesPerformance of new accessions of beans under supplementary irrigation conditionsHaitham Abdel Sattar SaeedMuhammad Sobhi Al-Taweel1IOP Conference Earth and Environmental Science
74Plant production techniques Effect of Planting Spaces and Basgran Herbicide on Growth and Yield ofPisum Sativum L. and Weed Accompanying ItAzhar Idris Thanoun Zakaria Muhammad Mahmoud1IOP Conference Earth and Environment1213The Fourth International Agricultural Conference
75Plant production techniquesResponse of Vicia faba L. seeds treated with gibberellin to germination and growth at different cultivation depthsWaad Saeed Faizi1Scientific Research Journal of Agriculture and Life Sciences1 (3)2023India/Northern Technical University / Northern Technical University Journal of Pure Sciences
76Plant production techniquesEffect of cultivars, Apical pinching and copper Nano-fertilizer on green pods characteristics of broad bean (Vicia faba L.) was fadhiliya areaAhmed Fares Al-SawafFadel Fathi Rajab1Iop:Earth and EnvironmentIop: farth and environmental sciences
77Plant production techniquesEffect of cultivars, Apical pinching and copper Nano-fertilizer on 1 characteristics vegetable growth of broad bean (Vicia faba L.)Ahmed Fares Al-SawafFadel Fathi Rajab1Eastern Journal of Agriculture and Biological Sciences (EJABS)College of Agri.Tikrit University Iraq
78Plant production techniquesEffect of cultivars, Apical pinching and copper Nano-fertilizer on green pods characteristics of broad bean (Vicia faba L.)Ahmed Fares Al-SawafFadel Fathi Rajab1
79Plant production techniquesStudy of influence of planting depths and soil type on broad been seed germinationMuhammad Amin Walid Taha1Scientific Research Journal of Agriculture and Life Sciences2023/
80Plant production techniquesThe effect of ground magnetization technique application on the growth and yield of broad bean (vicia faba) plantBakr Siddiq Mahmoud1Scientific Research Journal of Agriculture and Life Sciences3(3)2023
81Plant production techniquesThe effect of planting date and Teraflan pesticide on the growth and yield of local barley, Hordeum vulgareDr.. Jassim Abdullah Hayawi1Kirkuk University Journal of Agricultural Sciences13(4)2023
82Health and Medical Technical College - KirkukMedical laboratory techniquesThe effect of intestinal parasite in some hematological parameters among patients with irritable Bowel syndromeNour Mahmoud SultanDr. Abeer Abbas Ali1NTU Journal of Pure Sciences2(1)20231nothing
83Medical laboratory techniquesEvaluation of the immunochromatography assay's diagnostic performance for quickly detecting the presence of Covid-19 antigen in patients with positive PCR resultsAngham Abdel Razzaq BarismDr. Muhammad Yavuz Nour El-Din1NTU Journal of Pure Sciences1 (4)20221nothing
84Therapeutic nutrition techniques + medical laboratory techniquesComparison of Some Biochemical Parameters in Covid-19 Patients and Vaccinated Individuals in Kirkuk/IraqMaha Tariq JassimDr. Najdat Ali Shafiq1NTU Journal of Pure Sciences1 (4)20221nothing
85Medical laboratory techniquesHematological changes in type II diabetic mellitus (TIIDM) patients infected with intestinal parasites in Kirkuk/IraqAbeer Omar AhmedDr. Abeer Abbas Ali1NTU Journal of Pure Sciences2(1)20231nothing
86Therapeutic nutrition techniques + medical laboratory techniquesIdentification and antibiotics Sensitivity of Secondary Bacterial Infection in COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) Pneumonia patients in Kirkuk/IraqPine Abdel SamadDr.. Ask Aziz Tawfiq1NTU Journal of Pure Sciences2(1)20231nothing
87Medical laboratory techniquesAssessment the Ag and ZnO Biosynthesized Nanoparticles effects on Giardia lamblia trophozoites which grew in HSP-1 culture mediaBy Hamad AttiaDr.. Hero Muhammad Obaid1NTU Journal of Pure Sciences2(1)20231nothing
88Medical laboratory techniques + therapeutic nutrition techniquesEvaluation of direct microscopy and culture method for detection of Trichomonas vaginalis in vaginal discharge and urine samplesBlisa Abdel HamidDr.. Hero Muhammad Obaid1NTU Journal of Pure Sciences2(1)20231nothing
89Medical laboratory techniques + industrial college techniques An in vitro study of Zinc effect on Trichomonas vaginalis isolated from infected womenAhlam Ali SalehDr.. Hero Muhammad Obaid1NTU Journal of Pure Sciences1 (4)20221nothing
90Medical laboratory techniques + therapeutic nutrition techniquesAssociation of multidrug resistance with biofilm formation in Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolated from clinical samples in Kirkuk cityFaten Fikret RashadDr.. Siham Shakur Abbid1NTU Journal of Pure Sciences1 (4)20221nothing
91Medical laboratory techniques + industrial college techniquesStudy the effect of biofilm production on antibiotic resistance in Proteus mirabilis isolated from clinical samples in Kirkuk cityRoshna Aziz FlamersDr.. Siham Shakur Abbid1NTU Journal of Pure Sciences2(1)20221nothing
92Industrial College TechnologiesDeterioration of reproductive performance and seminal plasma biochemistry in male rats due to aluminum exposureDr.. Ayoub Ali Hussein1International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies2 (5)20221nothing
93Medical laboratory techniquesDetermining the level of lead in soil samples and its health implications for childrenmillimeter. Istabraq Ali Hameed1Academicia Globe: Inderscience Research3(11)20221nothing
94Therapeutic nutrition techniquesEvaluation performance and phenotypic indices of parents and their individual crosses and molecular correlation genetic analysis between PAPD-PCR markers on the quantitative traits of peanut (Arachis Hypogaea L.)Saif El-Din Ahmed HassanDr. Raed Mejbal Abdullah1ANNALS OF FOREST RESEARCH65(1)20221111nothing
95Therapeutic nutrition techniquesSynthetic varieties, its composition, deduction and evaluation comparing with its forefathersSaif El-Din Ahmed HassanMontaser Khader Suhail1Scientific Research Journal of Agriculture and life sciences2 (5)20221nothing
96Therapeutic nutrition techniquesEffect of biological and cultivar control to ear- cockle nematode disease caused by the nematode (Anguina tritici) on different genotypes of bread wheat (Triticium aestivum L.)Hossam Sabah YounesDr.. Raed Mijbil Abdullah1Annals of forest research65 (1)20221111nothing
97Medical laboratory techniquesEvaluation of some metals and polyatomic ions in bottled watermillimeter. Istabraq Ali Hameed1Eurasian Journal of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics1120221nothing
98Therapeutic nutrition techniquesThe impact of plowing systems and type of plows on some soil characteristics and the production of Maize cropDr.. Murad Abdullah Abdul QaderDr.. Raed Mijbil Abdullah1Journal of Positive Sciences1420221nothing
99Therapeutic nutrition techniquesThe Performance and Effect of Two Types of Tillage Systems on The Growth And Yield of Hard Wheat: A Comparative StudyDr.. Murad Abdullah Abdul QaderDr.. Raed Mijbil Abdullah1International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies2 (6)20221nothing
100Industrial College TechnologiesThe physiological and immunological assessments of roles of adipocytokines in blood transfusion dependent in β- thalassemia majorDr.. Acres, I thought AhmedDr.. Zaid Muhammad Mubarak Al Mahdawi1Journal of Cardiovascular Disease Research13 (8)20221nothing
101Industrial College TechnologiesPhysiological effects and molecular characterization of visfatin gene polymorphism in patients with beta-thalassemia majorDr.. Acres, I thought AhmedDr.. Zaid Muhammad Mubarak Al Mahdawi1HIV nursing23 (1)20231nothing
102Industrial College TechnologiesEvaluation of the Activity of Metalloendopeptidase enzyme, Interleukin-6 level and Some Physiological Variables in the sera of patients infected with SARS COVID-2Dr.. Acres, I thought Ahmed1International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies2(6)20221nothing
103Industrial College TechnologiesHistological and biochemical changes associated with blocking serotonin receptorDr. Sami Ibrahim AbdullahDr. Ayoub Ali Hussein1Tropical Journal of Natural Product Research6(8)20221111nothing
104Industrial College TechnologiesKnowledge assessment of medical students' college regarding the suitability of E-learning application in medical educationDr. Wafa Mahmoud Jassim1Medical Journal of Babylon1920221111nothing
105Industrial college technologies and medical laboratory technologiesModes of transmission and virulence factors of Staphylococcus aureus (review)Dr.. Abbas's smile is attractiveDr.. Names: Muhammad Suleiman1Himalayan Journal of Applied Medical Sciences and Research3(6)20221nothing
106Medical laboratory techniquesImmunological and Hematological Study of Patients with COVID-19 InfectionsDr.. Layzan Medhat MuhammadDr.. Nizar Shia Muhammad1International Journal of Drug Delivery Technology12(3)20221nothing
107Therapeutic nutrition techniquesEstimation of blood parameters in anemia children patientsIstabraq Ali Hameed1Tikrit journal of pharmaceutical sciences16(1)20221nothing
108Medical laboratory techniquesEvaluation of chemical compounds and their relationship to the breaking point after adding chlorine to waterIstabraq Ali Hameed1Tikrit Journal of Pure Science27 (6)20221nothing
109Medical laboratory techniquesThe level of emotional intelligence among the dormitory studentsRagheed Khurshid Namiq1ResearchJet Journal of Analysis and Inventions3 (12)20221nothing
110Medical laboratory techniques and industrial collegeA short review about chronic myeloid leukemiaAsma Muhammad SuleimanAyoub Ali Hussein1JOURNAL OF LIFE AND BIO-SCIENCES RESEARCH4 (1)20231nothing
111Medical laboratory techniques and industrial collegeCorrelation of IL-15 with viral load of hepatitis B and its role in the clearance of the virusDr.. Names: Muhammad SuleimanDr.. Abbas's smile is attractive1Biomedicine42 (6)20221nothing
112Industrial College TechnologiesDetermination of osteocalcin, Osteopontin, Osteonectin Hormones and Interleukins levels in Postmenopausal Women Osteoarthritis in Kirkuk CityDr.. Acres, I thought Ahmed1Journal of Cardiovascular Disease Research14 (1)20231nothing
113Medical laboratory techniques and industrial collegeStudy the Role of Congenital Toxoplasmosis with Preterm Labor, and Low Birth WeightDr. Asmaa Muhammad Suleiman1Journal for Research in Applied Sciences and Biotechnology2 (1)20231nothing
114Industrial College TechnologiesEvaluation of Azithromycin conjugated gold nanoparticles effect on Escherichia coli growthDr.. Abbas's smile is attractiveDr.. Suhail Jawdat Fadel1Scientific research journal of medical sciences2 (6)20221nothing
115Industrial College TechnologiesBiological study of Ampicillin conjugated silver nanoparticles against Staphylococcus aureus (in vitro experiment)Dr.. Abbas's smile is attractive1International journal of studies in natural and medical sciences2 (2)20221nothing
116Medical laboratory techniquesPrevalence of Methicillin-Resistant and Methicillin Sensitive Staphylococcus aureus Nasal Carriage and their Antibiotic Resistant Patterns in Kirkuk City, IraqDr. Siham Shakur ObaidDr. Golbahar Fathallah Karim1Journal of Pure and Applied Microbiology17(1)20231111nothing
117Industrial College TechnologiesKnowledge, attittude and practice towards Covid-19 among students in Kirkuk medical college-IraqDr.. Wafa Mahmoud JassimDr.. Zahraa Ahmed Hassan1Journal of Population Therapeutics & Clinical Pharmacology30(8)20231111nothing
118Industrial college and medical laboratory technologiesMultidrug-resistant Salmonella spp. isolated from local food markets:molecular factorsDr.. Abbas's smile is attractiveDr.. Names: Muhammad Suleiman1Journal for Research in Applied Sciences and Biotechnology2(2)20231nothing
119Therapeutic nutrition techniquesGenetic evaluation in self-pollinating populations by cross-selection to improve maize plants (Article Review).Saif El-Din Ahmed HassanMuhammad Bustan Hanoun1Himalayan Journal of Agriculture4(3)20231nothing
120Therapeutic nutrition techniquesThe effect of the method of mowing and spraying with the amino acid tryptophan on the growth characteristics, oil percentage, and active ingredient of the lemongrass plant, Cymbopogon citratus L. Suzan Tahseen Muhammad Amin Dr.. Raed Mijbil Abdullah1 Journal of medical and industrial plant sciences0(0)20231nothing
121Technical College of Engineering, MosulPower mechanics engineering techniquesExperimental Comparison of Thermal Performance Between V-Corrugated and Flat Plate Solar CollectorsDr.. Adnan Muhammad AbdullahFiras is dear to me1 “Technical and Physical Problems of Engineering” (IJTPE)International Journal on1111
122Power mechanics engineering techniquesCFD analysis for anaerobic digestion inside a batch digester augmented with extended surfacesAmmar Hassan SuhailDr.. Juhain Jawdat Farag1 frontiers in heat and mass transfer4111
123Power mechanics engineering techniquesEnhancement of double-pipe heat exchanger effectiveness by using porous media and TiO2 waterFiras FaisalAdnan Muhammad Hussein1 Enhancement of Double-Pipe Heat Exchanger Effectiveness by Using Porous Media and TiO2 Water4 4 april111
124Computer technology engineeringSimulation of Autonomous Navigation of turtlebot robot system based on ROSMuhammad Talal Ghazal Mortada is beautiful1bulletin of electrical engineering and informatics34508111
125Computer technology engineeringDesign and implementation of low-cost vein - viewer Detection using Near Infrared ImagingAbdel Rafi Hussein MareiSaba Qasim Hassan1Indonesian Journal of Electrical engineering and computer science244980111
126Computer technology engineeringDiscover human poses similarity and action recognition based on machine learningMuhammad Talal GhazalMuhammad Moaz1 bulletin of electrical engineering and informatics1245088111
127Computer technology engineeringDesign and Implementation of a vehicle tracking system (VTS) based on Raspberry pi 4 and Node-RED appDr. Thaer Ali SalehAreej Mahmoud Asaad1meuroquantology1045000111
128Medical device technology engineeringNew biomedical applications approach using shape memory polymers for muscle rehabilitation and the accompanying wounds after sever fractures.Azza Qais Tahani Ghanem1 International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication1228 novomber 2022111
129Medical device technology engineeringDesign of an orthopedic smart splint using Nickel-Titanium shape memory alloy (SMAs).Azza QaisWarqa Hashem1ndonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science34498611
130Building and construction technology engineeringThe Mechanical Properties of Lightweight (Volcanic Pumice) concrete containing fibers with Exposure to High Temperatures.Dr. Muthanna Adel NegmDr. Alia Abbas Al-Attar1journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Materials12111
131Electrical power technology engineeringEstimation of Failure Probability of Wave Energy Farms by Group Method of Data Handling: An Indian ScenarioOmar Hazem Muhammad1Frontiers in Energy Research10111
132Electrical power technology engineeringPV system Based Speed Control of Induction Motor by space Vector Pulse Width ModulationDr. Laith Akram Muhammad1 international conference on advanced science and engineering9 27 March 2023111
133 Computer technologies Engineeringdetection and classifcation of the osteoarthritis in Knee joint using transfer learning with convolutional neural networks (CNNs) Imad Ahmed Muhammad1 iraqi journal of science112022111
134Electrical power technology engineeringNew Technique and manufactured device for determining the efflorescence of clay brick masonryHello Nazhan Ahmed Youssef Ghadeer Mutlak1 advances in civil engineering materials11
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140 Engineering Technology / KirkukComputer engineering techniquesTwo Levels Matrix Reduction used for High Resolution Image Compression Mr. Dr. Muhammad Mustafa Siddiq1
141Computer engineering techniques Multiple Quantization process with matrix size reduction applied to compress images with strips structure light used in 3D reconstructvtion Mr. Dr. Muhammad Mustafa Siddiq1
142Computer engineering techniquesImage quality enhancement taken by multiple cameras for pedestrians monitoringDr. Amal Saeed Tohme1Neuroquantology20202211--
143Computer engineering techniquesSocial distancing monitoring through human detection by deep learning techniqueKuna Muhammad Zahir1
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150Surveying engineering techniquesPaleocene-Eocene calcareous larger foraminifera from slope carbonate assemblages in the Western Zagros Fold- Thrust Belt (Bamo section), Darbandikhan region, Sulaimani Governorate, NE-IraqQahtan AM Al Nuaimy1
151Surveying engineering techniquesFresh Properties of Self-Compacted Geopolymer ConcreteMr. Dr. Qais Fadel Hassan1
152Surveying engineering techniquesThe earth potential perturbation on low earth satellites orbits at different inclinationsDr.. Ahmed Qader Ezzat Mayada Jassim Hamoudi1
153Surveying engineering techniquesThe effect of the Earth's position on the orbits of sun-synchronous satellitesM. Abdel Toma Jassim1
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155Surveying engineering techniquesGIS-based multi-criteria analysis for Landslide susceptibility assessment in Soran city northern IraqDr.. Waiting for Edi Sharif1conference1
156Surveying engineering techniques Energy conservation by using Aerogel in the external walls of the buildingDr. Nada Sobhi Abdel Majeed1
157Surveying engineering techniquesComparison of Different Classifiers Techniques for extracting LULC using Terra SAR satellite imageSumaya Faleh HassanDr.. Waiting for Edi Sharif1
158Environmental engineering and pollution techniquesSynthesis and Characterization of 1,4-Thiazepine Compounds Derived from Substituted Diphenyl Acrylamide and Diarylidene Acetone and Evaluation of Biological Activity Against Bacteria Saad Salem Jassim Jawdat Helmy Abdel Wahed1
159Environmental engineering and pollution techniquesSynthesis and Characterization of 3,4-Dihydrobenzo[e][1,3]oxazepine-1,5-dione Derived from Substituted Acrylamide with Their Antibacterial Effect Evaluation Saad Salem Jassim1
160Environmental engineering and pollution techniques Strength, deformation and toughness characteristics of steel fiber reinforced hollow beams with different ratios of steel bars.Shawan Hussein Saeed1
161Environmental engineering and pollution techniquesSeismic Behavior of Self-Healing Concrete in Exterior Reinforced Concrete Beam-Column Joints Loaded Cyclically inForm of Hysteresis LoopsShawan Hussein Saeed1
162Environmental engineering and pollution techniquesAssessment of water quality using principal component analysis: A case study of Khanakin city Dr.. Suzanne Shihab Ahmed Dr.. Salah El-Din Abdel-Rahman Ahmed1
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165Environmental engineering and pollution techniquesAir Pollution Over Iraq during Dust Periods Using Remotely Sensed Data and GIS. Hoda Gamal Jumah1
166Power mechanics engineering techniquesNumerical Investigation of Minimize Entropy Generation for Pipe by Inserting Helical Airfoil and Adding Nanoparticles (CuO)Dr.. Adnan Muhammad HusseinDr.. Hussein Haider Muhammad Ali1
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176Power mechanics engineering techniquesEvaluation of spark ignition engine performance and operation stability with low octane gasoline and Methyl tert-butyl ether additiveNaseer Tawfiq Alwan1
177Power mechanics engineering techniquesImpact of a Reflective Mirror on Photovoltaic/TW PerformanceNaseer Tawfiq Alwan1
178Power mechanics engineering techniques Experimental analysis of thermo-electric cooling (“Peltier Cooler”) effect on photovoltaic module performance: Energy, Exergy and Economic (3E) AssessmentNaseer Tawfiq Alwan1
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180Power mechanics engineering techniques Factors affecting the thermodynamic performance of the Stirling engine: a review studyNaseer Tawfiq Alwan1
181Power mechanics engineering techniques Isothermal thermodynamic analysis investigation of the Stirling engine types (alpha, beta, gamma): a theatrical studyNaseer Tawfiq Alwan1
182Power mechanics engineering techniquesDesign and Practical Implementation of a Grid-connected Single-stage Flyback Photovoltaic Micro-inverterNaseer Tawfiq Alwan1
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184Power mechanics engineering techniques Design and Analysis of a Stand-alone Photovoltaic System based on SVPWM TechniqueNaseer Tawfiq Alwan1
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233Accounting techniquesThe role of small industries in economic growthGhada Abdel Masih1
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242 Financial and banking technologiesThe role of foreign investment in the reconstruction of liberated areas11
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263 Financial and banking technologies Green manufacturing strategies and their impact on reducing environmental pollution/exploratory study Majed Mohammed Saleh Firm loyalty1
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268 Tourism and hotel technologies The stimulating role of artificial intelligence on the business environment in Arab countriesDr. Dina Ahmed OmarDr. Mufid Thanoun Younis1
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270 Tourism and hotel technologiesTHE IMPACT OF CORONA VIRUS ON THE GLOBAL ECONOMY IN SELECTEDDr. Dina Ahmed Omar1
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294Electronic technologiesCharacterization of a Split Circle Element for Microstrip ReflectarraysDr.. Khalil Hassan Al-Sayed MarhiMeeting Khalil SalemYesJournal of telecommunication and information technology(JTIT)2023Yes
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298Pharmacy techniquesEvaluating the Effect of flavonoid luteolin on slin wound healing in rabbits topicalOmar Taha MohamedLabib Hassoun AbdullahYes egypt journals of veterinary sciences22023Yes
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300Materials management techniquesMeasuring the potential of block chains in following up on industrial supply chains and their role in achieving competitive advantage / an exploratory study of the opinions of a sample of academicsMustafa Saher RaoufRana Jamal KhalilYesAnbar University Journal of Administrative and Economic Sciences22023Yes
301Pharmacy techniquesThe Effect of Insulin Glimepiride and Metformin on weight and Glycemic state in Type 2 Diabetes mellitusLabib Hassoun AbdullahDr.. Qasim Saleh Abdullah Al NuaimiYes atherbejan medical journals22023YesYes0.4
302Pharmacy techniquesComparative Effect of Insulin Glimepiride and Metformin on Inflammatory Markers in Type 2 Diabetes MellitusLabib Hassoun AbdullahDr.. Qasim Saleh Abdullah Al NuaimiYes jorgeain medical news12023YesYes0.5
303Materials management techniquesThe role of internal control procedures in enhancing the effectiveness of electronic governance / by application to the Northern Technical UniversityJassim Mohammed HassoResearch Center Journal6712/30/2022Yes
304Water resources technologiesFlow characters through self-spillway dams with non-impermeable coreAbdullah Ahmed ShekhoDheyaa Ghanim AbdulrazzaqYesThe Third International Scientific Conference of Engineering Sciences2023Yes
305Materials management techniquesThe shift towards virtual currencies and their role in electronic commerce. An exploratory study of the opinions of a number of professors at the Northern Technical UniversityMustafa Saher RaoufYesThe first scientific conference at Heir al-Anbiya University251/4/2023Yes
306Medical laboratory techniquesBacterial Inhibition by Nanoparticles Treated Eucalyptus ExtractRana Salal HassanMaha Ibrahim ArzoukiYesInternational Journal of Drug Delivery Technology12023
308Electrical technologiesIntelligent control speed and direction of DC motor using arduinoIsraa Khalouk SaeedKaram Samir QassemYes
309Hawija Technical InstituteMaterials management techniquesThe relationship between leadership styles and creativity of individuals: the mediating role of the individual's confidence in his creative strategic capabilitiesMuzaffar Ahmed Hussein1
310Materials management techniquesHow strategic vigilance influences on enhancing organizational effectiveness: the mediating role of strategic readinessMuzaffar Ahmed Hussein1
311Materials management techniquesThe role of digital management in enhancing entrepreneurial performanceMuhammad Hussein Gharbi1
312Electronic technologies1_Using both Metallic Insert and TiO2/water Nanofluid to improve the performance of Photovoltaic Modules; Experimental StudyElias Ahmed Arabizes1
313Electronic technologiesTheoretical study of glycerin storage tanks for absorption air conditioning cycle.Elias Ahmed Arabizes1
314Electronic technologiesPredictive current control of voltage source inverters using a discrete - time modelHosnia Jassim Abdullah Parwin Rahim Karim1
316Electrical technologiesArduino-Based Design and Implementation of Experimental Rooms With a Trombe Wall For Solar Cells ApplicationsRaed and Adallah DawoudObaid Majeed Ali1
317Water resources technologiesLocal Scour around Oblong Piers of Bridge Located in - Sharp BendAbdul Razzaq Khader Abdul Wahid1
318 Power mechanics techniquesEffect of the different types of dust on the performance of photovoltaic panels in IraqQusay Kamel Jassim1
319Water resources technologiesSupercritical water Upgrading of sour crude oil by an Efficient and high stability titanium encapsulated biobased catalyst/ old title Microporous activated carbon catalyst for an efficient and deactivation resistive supercritical water upgrading process of sour crude oil new titleAwad Issa Muhammad1
320Water resources technologiesErosion study of the outer bank with multi-oblong piercing bridge in U-shaped flumeAbdul Razzaq Khader Abdul Wahid1
321 Power mechanics techniquesStudying the effect of cooling methods on the performance of solar cells.Qusay Kamel Jassim1
322 Power mechanics techniquesExperimental and theoretical study to improve the performance of solar cells by evaporative cooling in Iraq.Qusay Kamel JassimNajm Abdel Jassim1
323 Power mechanics techniques Effect of Spray Angle and Flow Rate on Improving PV Panel Performance: Experimental and Theoretical Study.Qusay Kamel Jassim1
324 Power mechanics techniquesExperimental and theoretical study to improve the performance of splits in IraqQusay Kamel JassimNajm Abdel Jassim1
325 Power mechanics techniquesThe effect of phase change materials with nano materials on controlling the heat of solar in hot and desert regionsMajed Ahmed MohammedMuhammad Yassin Lafta1
326 Power mechanics techniquesEvaluation of spark ignition engine performance and operation stability with low octane gasoline and Methyl tert-butyl ether additiveAhmed Ali HusseinObaid Majeed Ali1
327 Power mechanics techniquesEffect of Operating Conditions and air filters Maintenance on the performance and efficiency of gas turbine power plantSally Adnan OdehObaid Majeed Ali1
328Materials management techniques Determining the optimal stocks using quadratic programming/an applied study in the Iraqi market and the Amman stock market Sami Jabbar Zainal MedalAbdulaziz Shweish1
329Materials management techniquesKnowledge absorption capabilities and their role in enhancing strategic prowess / an exploratory study of the opinions of a sample of teaching staff at the University of Kirkuk Sami Jabbar Zainal MedalHisham Abdullah Hamad1
330Electrical technologiesOptimal PV Array Configurations For Partial Shading Conditions Parwin Rahim KarimHosnia Jassim Abdullah1
331Medical laboratory techniquesThe effect of type 2 diabetes on the lipid profile in blood serum of a sample from the Iraqi city of HawijaMuhammad Ali Fares1
332Electrical technologiesPredicting The Financial Failure of Commercial Banks Using the KIDA Model and Sherrod Model.((An Analytical Study In A Number Of Iraqi Commercial Banks)) Sami Jabbar Zainal Medal1
333Electrical technologiesClassification and analysis of the MNIST dataset using PCA and SVM algorithms Mukhaled Nouri Abdullah1
335 Power mechanics techniquesEffect of maintenance strategy on the performance and efficiency of the turbine unit:Areview His uncle, Daoud KhalafObaid Majeed Ali1
336Water resources technologiesTotal remediation of NRC oily sludge using hydrothermal carbonization for hydrochar productionAwad Issa Muhammad1
337 Power mechanics techniquesIn a triangular duct filled with porous material, Convection heat transfer is experimentally investigatedQusay Kamel JassimIssa Ahmed Issa1
338Materials management techniquesKnowledge partnerships strategy as an introduction to activating knowledge marketing tools: a case study at the University of MosulAhmed Abdullah DanoukSami Jabbar Zainal Medal1
339Kirkuk Technical InstitutePharmacy techniquesImprove a secure blind watermarking technique for digital videoSuhaib Najat HassanDr. Faten Hassan Muhammad Al-Qadi1
340Pharmacy techniquesThe relationship between fetuin-A levels and ovarian cyst in Kirkuk womenDr. Iman Salman Hassan1
341Marketing management techniquesthe role of quality of work life in enhancing job engagement, studying employees in lraqi universitiesIyad Fadel Mohsen1
342Nursing techniquesAwareness of undergraduated students to receive COVID19 Vacine and their Willingness to VaccinatedFatima Fadel1
343Nursing techniquesAdverse Effects of iron oxide nanoparticles on some biochemical markers and ameliorative effect of silymarinKlawish Nouri TaherOzdan Akram Gharib1
344Nursing techniquesStudy of the activity of the Meprin apha hormone and lipid profile parameters in patients with diabetes in kirkuk cityKlawish Nouri Taher1
345Mechanical techniquesModeling of PV system and parameter extraction based on experimental data: review and investigationProf. Dr. Samin Fadel Muhammad1
346Mechanical techniquesElectron Momentum density of nanoparticles ZrO2 A Compton profiles studyProf. Dr. Samin Fadel Muhammad1
347Mechanical techniquesFirst principles study the effect of Zn doped MgO ON THE energy band gap using GGA approximationProf. Dr. Samin Fadel Muhammad1
348Mechanical techniquesDesign speech recognition system in the nosily environment by using intelligent devicesProf. Dr. Samin Fadel Muhammad1
349Mechanical techniquesThe effect of calcinations temperature on the structural properties of Nickel-Lanthanum ferrite nano powdersMahmoud Arif Muhammad1
350Mechanical techniquesEffect of Laser surface Heat Treatment on Wear and HARDNESS Resistance of Metal matrix composite from (Al-6061+sic particles).Mahmoud Arif Muhammad1
351Mechanical techniquesThe modified integral Transform method to solve heat equation a cylindrical coordinateAhmed Salar Jalal1
352Mechanical techniquesUse various Mathematical methods to solve three dimensional conduction heat equation in cylindrical coordinateAhmed Salar Jalal1
353Mechanical techniquesUtilize L24C Transform to solve three dimensional radiation heat transfer proplem in cylindrical coordinateAhmed Salar Jalal1
354Mechanical techniquesUse Quadruple Laplace transform method to solve three dimensional convection heat transfer problem in Cartesian coordinateAhmed Salar Jalal1
355Mechanical techniquesControl of heat transfer in circular channels using oplique triangular ribsHadeel Ali Hassan1
356Mechanical techniquesLow energy consumption in manet networkMaral Anwar Mustafa1Al Rafidain Journal of Computer Science and Mathematics26/19/20221
357Electronic technologiesUse Different Mathematical Methods to Solve Three Dimensional Conduction Heat Equation in Cartesian CoordinatebDr. Ahmed Salar Galal1
358Mechanical techniquesDecentralized security and data integrity of blockchain using deep learning techniquesMaral Anwar Mustafa1
359Electronic technologiesEnhancement of motor speed identification using artificail neural networksIrshad Bektash Saleh Zain Al-AbidinZuhair Shakur Mahmoud1Indonesian Journal of Electrical Enginering and Computer Science37/4/20221
360Community health technologiesAnti- Bioflim Activity of trigona Honey against Gram-Positive BacteriaColgmin Medhat AbdullahOzdan Akram Gharib1Scientific Research Journal of Medical SciencesISSN:2778-947510/20/20221
361Civil techniquesInvestigating the Mechanical Properties and Durability of Asphalt Mixture Modified with Epoxidized Natural Rubber (ENR) under Short and Long-Term Aging ConditionsDr.. Kilan Esmat Safaa Al-Din1MDPIEISSN 2073-436011/4/20221
362Electronic technologiesphoto voltaic storage solar collector: experimental assesmevt1Energy Report13698-1370711/1/20221
363Marketing management techniquesMajor jurisprudential rules and their role in developing society and development reality - a comparative studyDr.. Jamal Fateh Ali1Iraqi University JournalFeb-1711/3/20221
364Computer systems technologiesAuthentication SystemBased Palmprint Recogntiton Using Simple Structured Neural NetworkDr.. Hassan Karim Abdul Rahman1Asian Journal of convergence in Technology2350-1146 IF-5.1111/3/20221
365Pharmacy techniquesIpared Memory And Gognitive Performance in Zucker Rats With Insulin Resistance And ObesityDr.. Laila Abdel Sattar Sadiq1Journal of positive sciences(JPS)ASP5483912/4/20221
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367Pharmacy techniquesReview on Rabbit Feeding Options Other Than Antibiotics to Encourage GrowthDr.. Laila Abdel Sattar Sadiq1Internitonal Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies2(6)11/16/20221
368Legal management techniquesCombating drugs and psychotropic substances in national and international legislation - an analytical study in light of Iraqi lawKhawla ArkanDalal Sadiq Ahmed1Cambridge Journal of Scientific Research1612/1/20221
369Clothing manufacturing techniquesObservations on The Conflict Between Professional And Personal Interests Low-Country Policymaking And Political InfluenceDr.. Sir Hashim Muhammad1Journal of positive sciences(JPS)1512/4/20221
370Power mechanics techniquesEffect of chaning the thermal Expansion valve orifice diameter on Performance of Compression Refrigeration CycleSoran Jalal Muhammad1Internitonal Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies2(6)12/1/20221
371Power mechanics techniquesModeling the Thermal analysis finding of cast Alloys due to the presence of other ComponentsMohsen Mohieldin bracelet1 Journal of positive sciences(JPS)1512/5/20221
372Electrical techniquesIncitement to the crime of terrorism and call for reducing it by Sharia and lawDr.. Farouk Abbas NoureddineSaman Ali Ehsan1Internitonal Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies3(1)12/22/20221
373Marketing management techniquesThe rule of precaution and its impact on financial transactions in Islamic jurisprudence, a jurisprudential studyDr. Jamal Fateh Ali1Journal of Islamic Sciences110/30/20221
374Legal management techniquesExclusion of refugees according to the 1951 Asylum Convention, an analytical studyDalal Sadiq Ahmed1Thesis612/1/20221
375Materials management techniquesthe role of public relations in implementing security strategiesDr.. Saad Abdul Qader Hamid1Thesis12/1/20231
376Materials management techniquesThe role of digital public relations in raising awareness of digital human rights in non-profit organizationsDr.. Saad Abdul Qader Hamid1Journal of Sustainable Studies11/1/20231
377Accounting techniquesAccounting and politics: the effects of politics on the issuance of international accounting standards an applied study in the Iraqi environmentDr.. Sakkar Zahir Omar1World Economics & Finaces Bulletin(WEFB)192/1/20231
378Accounting techniquesthe role of strategic management accounting techniques in supporting the cost leadership strategy to archieve the competitiveness of industrial companiesDr.. Sakkar Zahir Omar1journal of advanced acciunting and financial studies610/2/20221
379Electronic technologiesRadar Target detection by using Levenberg-Marquardt AlgorithmDr.. Ali Najdat NusratAyoub Essam Kamal1PRZEGL ELEKTROTECHNICZNY33/28/20231
380Computer systems technologiesIntegrated photonic and electronic circuits using CMOS TechnologyM. Abbas Bahaa Al-Din Nouri1Eurasian journal of engineering and technology163/1/20231
381Electronic technologieshuman-computer interactions by using recognizer output voting error reduction sustemM.D. Ali Najdat NusratZuhair Shukro Mahmoud1scholar's digest -Journal of mulidisciplinary studies33/3/20231
382Nursing techniquesCommunity-based study on the misuse of antibiotics in paediatircs Otolaryngic infection in kirkukOzdan Akram Gharib1Eurasian Medical Research Periodocal161/1/20231
383Pharmacy techniqueseffect on Vitamin D supplements and fatty acids in management of cardiovascular diseasesDr.. Laila Abdel Sattar Sadiq1Journal of Population Therapeutics & Clinical Pharmacology303/30/20231
384Marketing management techniqueswork pressure on the working mother and its impact on job performance: an Exploratory study of the opinions of a number of female workers at the kirkuk technical instituteDr.. Sawsan Ibrahim Rajab1Political issues9/30/20221
385Marketing management techniquesDimensions of Marketing Intelligenece An exploratory study of the opinions of a number of employees of the green fields dairy production company LtdDr.. Sawsan Ibrahim Rajab1NTU journal for administrative and human sciences24/1/20231
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387Pharmacy techniquesStudy the physical properties of PVT of polyethyene glycol using the Simha-Somcynsky theoryShanay Rajab Hassan1kirkuk university journal -scientific studies184/1/20231
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389Pharmacy techniquessurgical outcomes of ligaSure Bipolar device versus Conventional Technique Total ThyroidectomyOzdan Akram Gharib1journal of natural science, biology and medicine1310/28/20221
390Computer systems technologiesAdveres Impact of titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles on hepato-Renal function and improved role of Rosmarinus officinalisOzdan Akram Gharib1journal of natural science, biology and medicine3/8/20231
391Computer systems technologiesM. Abbas Bahaa Al-Din Nouri1Journal of Image Processing and Intelligent Remote Sensing34/3/20231
392Legal management techniquesCovering the poetry of those afflicted with the Andalusian enemy in the fourth and fifth centuries AHmillimeter. Ibrahim is a good narrator1Book magazine89/23/20221
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394Legal management techniquesThe agencies specialized in combating administrative corruption after 2003M. Cinema Saleh MuhammadKhawla Arkan Ali1Cambridge Journal of Scientific Research204/20/20231
395Civil technologiesUtilization of Waste Denim Fibers in Asphalt Pavement: A reviewDr.. Kilan Esmat Safaa Al-Din1Eurasian Journal of engineering and technologyApril 20234/1/20231
396Marketing management techniquesjuris prudential and legal appointment of plastic surgeryDr. Jamal Fateh Ali1scholar's digest -Journal of mulidisciplinary studies33/1/20231
397Nursing techniquesthe effect of hybrid nano addition on maxillofacial silicone elastomer VST50F mechanical propertiesShahad Fadel1South Asian Research Journal of medical Scenes24/1/20231
398Power mechanics techniquesDetermination of band structure and computer profiles for aluminum using density functional theoryDr.. Samin Fadel Muhammad1East European Journal of Physic4/15/20231
399Materials management techniquesChallenging the validity of membership in the Iraqi Parliament (a comparative study)Dr.. Sawash Shaheen Ibrahim1Al-Sharai' Journal for Legal Studies23/1/20231
400Library unitadjectives and these Attributives and Predicative VariationsNajiba Rashid Mohammed1journal of Namibian Studies33S1(2023)7/15/19051
401Library unitThe Employment of History in Eliot's Murder in the CathedralNajiba Rashid Mohammed1Res Miltitaris-Social Science Journal133/1/20231
402Accounting techniquesthe Implications of Judicial Accounting Methods on the Credibility of Financial Statements-An AnalyticalStudy in the Iraqi EnvironmentDr.. Sakkar Zahir Omar1American Journal of Ecnomics and Bussines Management450475/1/20231
403Materials management techniquesA constitutional reading of the legal controls for electoral propaganda in IraqDr.. Sawash Shaheen Ibrahim1Iraqi University Journal60 EGP 31
404Materials management techniquesMaking peace between goals and challengesDr.. Sawash Shaheen Ibrahim1College of Law Journal for Legal and Political Sciences437/14/19051
405Electronic technologiesNeural Network-Directed Detection and Localization of Faults in Railway Track Circuits: An Application of Dempster-Shafer TheoryZuhair Shakur MahmoudDr. Ali Najdat Nusrat1Information Systems Technology36/1/20231
406Electronic technologies Design And Implementation Of Energy Management Systems By Using Fuzzy LogicZuhair Shakur Mahmoud1positive science187/1/20231
407Electronic technologiesClassification Of Speech Recognition By Using Sequential Minimal Optimization AlgorithmDr. Ali Najdat Nusrat1positive science187/1/20231
408Marketing management techniqueskidness to animals and spending on them islamic juis prudenceDr. Jamal Fateh Ali1Northern Technical University3(3)7/1/20231
409Surveying techniquesWomen's right to inheritance, its role in protecting women, and its effects on custom and lawSaman Ali Ihsan Ahmed1Journal of the University of Duhok for Humanities and Social Sciences268/30/20231
410Electrical technologiesLegal concepts and jurisprudential controls and their role in protecting women’s rights - a comparative studyDr.. Farouk Abbas Noureddine Ramadan1Journal of the University of Duhok for Humanities and Social Sciences268/30/20231
411Power mechanics techniquesDefining and highlighting the personality of the judicial police member who carries out his duty, a comparative studyDr. Imad Youssef Khorshid1Iraqi magazineJan-268/31/20231
412Materials management techniquesPublic relations research and its role in social development: a study of university professors, media professionals, and research centersDr.. Saad Abdul Qader Hamid1Iraqi magazineAug-238/30/20231
413Materials management techniquesLocal radio and its role in community development for community members (field study)Dr.. Saad Abdul Qader Hamid1Journal of Sustainable StudiesJan-008/30/20231
414Computer systems technologiesNeural Network-Directed Detection and Localization of Faults in Railway Track Circuits: An Application of Dempster-Shafer TheoryZuhair Shakur MahmoudDr. Ali Najdat Nusrat1international information and engineering technology association36/5/20231
415Power mechanics techniquesAnalysis of the Frictional Performance of AW-5251 Aluminum Alloy Sheets using the Random Forset Machine Learning Algorithm and Multilayer PreceptronDr. Shirwan Muhammad Najm1MaterialJan-007/25/20231
416Presidency UniversityQuality Assurance DepartmentEffects of Silver-Nanoparticles on Wastewater Treatment in Baghdad City, IraqZeina Amer Idris1
417Quality Assurance DepartmentE-learning and the impact of covid-19 pandemic lockdown on the undergraduate university student blood pressure levels: educational paperStudent Abdul ZaidZeina Amer Idris1CEUR Workshop Proceedings314910/6/2022
418Quality Assurance DepartmentEvaluation Of Environmental Noise Pollution In MosulZeina Amer IdrisZainab Abdel Razzaq Nasser1The 2nd international conference on engineering and advanced technology14/7/2023
419Quality Assurance Departmentvalidating sustainable water resources and fluid flow by studing phosphorus concenration of tigris river water in baghdadZainab TalibHyman Jafar Meerza Al Jaaf21AIP publishing conference proceeding266017/11/2022
420Quality Assurance DepartmentThe role of engineers to develop smart hospital design for the Respiratory Care Unit (RCU) to combat COVID-19. A comprehensive reviewZainab TalibAbdul student1
421Quality Assurance DepartmentUsing of Electrocoagulation Technique for the treatment of Food manufacturing Wastewater and Comparing with Conventional WastewaterZeina Amer Idris1
422Quality Assurance DepartmentUsing GIS Model to Investigate Sustainable Irrigation Techniques from WastewaterZainab Talib AbdZeina Amer Idris1The 2nd international conference on engineering and advanced technology
423Quality Assurance DepartmentA review on Fluid flow applications and hydraulic performance of sustainable drip irrigation to improve water resource managementZainab T. Al-ShareifyHuda T. Hamad1Tikrit Journal of Engineering Sciences(30) 36/9) 2023
424Administrative and financialEffect of Fertilization With a Solution of Rock Dove Manure and Microelements on Growth, Flowers and Yield of Tuberose Bulbs Polianthes tuberosa L.Marwan Abdullah is a fetishAbdul Khaleq Asaad Muhammad Taher10
425Administrative and financialThe style of counterpoint in the stories of the Prophets of the ProphetsZakir Abdul Latif Aboush1Journal of Imam al-A'zam University College
426Administrative and financialThe style of the interview in the stories of the Prophets of GodZakir Abdul Latif Aboush1Journal of the Iraqi University
427DormitoriesStrategic factors for value creation capabilities and their contributions to enhancing organizational reputation / an exploratory study of the opinions of a sample of employees at Al-Nour University College in Nineveh GovernorateNour al-Din Muhammad Abdullah1Tikrit Journal of Administrative and Economic Sciences60December 20221
428DormitoriesDiagnosing forms of counterproductive work behavior for teaching staff/an exploratory study of the opinions of a sample of teachers in the Mosul District Education DirectorateMuhammad Salem Abd JargisNoureddine Muhammad Abdullah1Economics Journal for Applied Research
429Quality Assurance DepartmentEffects of Silver-Nanoparticles on Wastewater Treatment in Baghdad City, IraqZeina Amer Idris1
430DormitoriesThe impact of organizational ambidexterity in enhancing strategic sovereignty, an analytical study of the opinions of a sample of employees in the Karwanji group of companies in Kirkuk Governorate.Nour al-Din Muhammad Abdullah
431continuous educationEffect of healthy eating habits on the academic performance of graduating studentsSohail Imran KhanRohat Zada1Asia Pacific Journal of Health Management171
432PostgraduateEstimating risk levels for blood pressure and thyroid hormone using artificial intelligence of fuzzy logicMusab Tahseen SalahaldeenRaid Rafi Omar Al-Nima
433PostgraduateClassifications of signatures by radial basis neural networkMusab Tahseen SalahaldeenSaadoon Awad Mohammed
434PostgraduateRecognizing Signatures Using Generalized Regression Neural NetworkSaadoon Awad Al-SumaidaeeMusab TS Al-kaltakchi
435PostgraduateIdentifying DNAs of Individuals Based on Their Chromosomes by Proposing a Special Deep Learning ModelRaid Rafi Omar Al-NimaMusab TS Al-Kaltakchi
436PostgraduatePatterns Identification of Finger Outer Knuckles by Utilizing Local Directional NumberRaid Rafi Omar Al-Nima, Hasan Maher Ahmed
437PostgraduateStudying OF DUAL DEEP PERIOCULAR PARTS FOR PERSONS RECOGNITIONSafa NH Al-MoktarRaid Rafi Omar Al-Nima
438Studies and planningDHFogSim: Smart Real-Time Traffic Management Framework for Fog Computing SystemsDr. Doha Bashir AbdullahDr. Hisham Hashem Muhammad
439Force mechanicsNatural convection heat transfer from a square cavity with different thickness heated section flied a porous mediaNour Mounir BashirAnwar Ahmed Youssef
440Studies and planningDynamic Voltage restorer for voltage unmblance mitigation and voltage profile improvment in the distribution networkAhmed Abdul Jalil AbdullahInaam Muhammad Jabr
441Studies and planningHigh impedance fault detection in low voltage overhead disstrbution based on wavelet and harmonic in dicesInaam Muhammad JabrAlia Hamed Ali
442Studies and planningActive and reactive power management in distrbution system using STATCON with energy storageInaam Muhammad JabrAhmed Abdul Jalil Abdullah
443Internal control and auditingThe Role Of Investment In Reducing Dependence On Borrowing An Explanatory Study Of The Views Of A Sample Of Academics.Jassim Mohammed HassoMuhammad Hussein Al-SawafPublished44
444Internal control and auditingThe role of the electronic accounting system in activating system in activating electronic auditing of a sample of internal auditor's.Muhammad Hussein Al-SawafJassim Mohammed HassoPublished26
445Internal control and auditingThe Impact of the Application of University Governance: Exploratory Study At The Northern Technical UniversityMustafa Muhammad SiddiqBakr Ayoub SalehPublished
446Internal control and auditingThe Impact of Electronic Commerce Risk on the Effectiveness of Electronic Banking Services. A Field Study of Several Commercial Banks In The Province of NinevehJassim Mohammed HassoMuhammad Hussein Al-SawafPublished
447Internal control and auditingAuditors: A field study of a sample of auditors’ offices in IraqBakr Ayoub SalehPublishedJournal of the Kufa Studies Center63
448Internal control and auditingThe impact of green accounting in achieving sustainable development/an exploratory study of the opinions of a sample of accountants and auditors at the Northern Technical UniversityAnfal Saber SharifBakr Ayoub SalehPublishedJournal of Business Economics for Applied Research3
449Scientific affairsEvaluation of flat plate solar heater filling in nanofluid under climatic conditions of IraqAbdel Aziz Muhammad is inattentiveKhamis Musaddaf Dhir1Accepted for publicationcase studies in thermal engineering
450Scientific affairsEnhancing Finger Outer Knuckles Recognition Using Deep Recurrent Neural NetworkRaed Rafi OmarAbdul Rahman Walid Hamid1
451Scientific affairsMolecular Detection of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus isolated from frozen imported poultry meat in Mosul city-IraqSuhail Jawdat FadelAbbas's smile is attractive1Accepted for publicationMalaysian Journal of Microbiology
452Scientific affairsTherapeutic management of Diseases based on Fuzzy Logic System- Hypertriglyceridemia as a case studyKaram Mazen ZakiNamir Mazen Zaki1Telkomnica
453Scientific affairsPLC-Based Solar Panel Data Monitoring SystemAhmed Mohamed TawfiqKaram Mazen Zaki1Przegląd electrotechniczny
454Scientific affairsMolecualr detection and prevalence of human-pathologic Enterocytozoon bieneusi among pet birds in Mosul, IraqDonea Abdulrazak AbdullahWasan A. Alobaidi1Comparative Immunology, Microbiology and Infectious Diseases
455Scientific affairsComputer aided auscultation system to detect heart abnormality via electronic stethoscopeAbdul Rahman Walid Hamid1Przegląd electrotechniczny
456 Legal AffairsCrimes against the consumer’s electronic signatureNofal Ali AbdullahAmmar Ali Muhammad1Journal of the College of Law/University of Kirkuk3611
457 Legal AffairsCrimes committed against the consumer’s electronic documentNofal Ali AbdullahAmmar Ali Muhammad1Journal of the College of Law/University of Kirkuk3601
458 Legal AffairsCriminal response to electronic terrorism / a comparative studyAmmar Ali Muhammad
459Construction and projectsAdvances in mechanical metamaterials for vibration isolation: A reviewMuhammad Jamal IssaAbdulhadi, Hasanain S.1Advances in Mechanical Engineering14(3)2/3:202311
460Construction and projectsPossibilities of using green concrete in IraqDiaa Ghanem Abdel Razzaq Mohamed Essam1
461Electronic Calculator CenterPerformance Evaluation of Software-Defined Networking Controllers in Wired and Wireless NetworksSalar Jamal RashidDr.. Ahmed Mamoun Al-Kababji1
462Electronic Calculator CenterComparison Evaluate the Performance of Two Routing Protocols AODV and MDORA at constant and Dynamic Speed for VehiclesDania Muhammad MahdiOsama Abdul Karim Qasim1
463Electronic Calculator CenterStudying the Effect of Vehicles Speed on the Performance of VANET ProtocolOsama Abdul Karim QasimDania Muhammad Mahdi1
464Electronic Calculator Centercorrupted JPG image Clusters Classification Using Support Vector Machines with Content-based Feature ExtractionDr.. Rabei Raad AliOsama Abdul Karim Qasim1International Journal of Emerging Technology and Advanced EngineeringVolume 13, Issue 04Apr-23
465Electronic Calculator CenterHybrid Optimization with Enhanced QoS-based Path Selection in VANETsDr.. Rabei Raad AliNour Nabil Hazem1International Journal of Intelligent Engineering and SystemsVol.16, No.42023
466Electronic Calculator CenterEnergy Efficient Improving Routing Model for UAVs Assisted Vehicular Adhoc NetworksMuhammad Sami Nouri1Advances in Power, Signal, and Information Technology (APSIT), International Conference in
467Electronic Calculator CenterAN APPLICATION OF MULTILAYER PERCEPTRON FOR THE PREDICTION OF RIVER WATER QUALITYDr.. Rabei Raad Ali1International Conference on Innovative Computing and Communications
468Office of the Scientific AssistantImportance of scientific research for Achieving Sustainable Development Goals during Covid19 Pandemic: Northern Technical University - A Case StudyAlia Abbas Al-AttarOmar Rafi Mahmoud
469Office of the Scientific AssistantA Review of Atmospheric Vortex Engine Generated by Solar Air CollectorAbdullah Adel BadrOmar Khalil Ahmed
470Office of the Scientific AssistantEnergy and exergy analysis of hybrid photovoltaic thermal solar system under climatic condition of North IraqDr. Omar Rafi MahmoudOmar Muhammad Ali
471Office of the Scientific AssistantExperimental assessment of Performance for Atmospheric Vortex EngineAbdullah Adel BadrOmar Khalil Ahmed1PublishedJournal of Sustainability PerspectivesSpecial IssueAugust 2022
472Office of the Scientific AssistantEnhancement Performance of Vapor Compression System Using Nano Copper Oxide Lubricant Inside Compressor and A Fluidized Bed for Condenser CoolingAsmaa TahaDr.. Iyad Suleiman1PublishedNeuroQuantology Volume 20
473Office of the Scientific AssistantPerformance Analysis of Single-Pass Solar Air Heater Thermal Collector with Adding Porous Media and Finned PlateDr.. Omar Rafi MahmoudMuthana Mahidi Muhammad Saleh1Case Studies in Thermal EngineeringVolume 28
474Office of the Scientific AssistantImpact of size and location of outflow opening vent on mixed convective heat transfer induced by two aligned heated cylinders immersed in a partially open channelDr.. Omar Rafi MahmoudRenas Hassan Saeed1AIP
475Office of the Scientific AssistantFree Convective Heat Transfer Created from Heated Cylinder Immersed inside Duct Cooled from SideDr.. Qais Abdel YoussefDr.. Omar Rafi Mahmoud1Case Studies in Thermal EngineeringVolume 44April 2023
476Office of the Scientific AssistantLocal thermal equilibrium analysis of complete phase change process inside porous diffuser using NanoFluidsOmar Rafae AlomarNabeel M. Abdulrazzaq1 energy storage
477Office of the Scientific AssistantAnalysis of complete boiling process inside double pipe porous heat exchanger filled with NanoFluidsOmar Rafae AlomarKaram Hashim Mohammed1Heat Transfer
478Office of the Scientific AssistantEffect of nanomaterials in addition to phase change materials on heat transfer in solar panels under Iraqi atmospheric conditionsMajid Ahmed MohammedAbdullah Talab Derea1Frontiers in Heat and Mass Transfer20(20)2023
479Office of the Scientific AssistantPerformance of solar vortex engine integrated with the PV panel: Experimental assessmentAbdullah A. BadrOmer K. Ahmed1applied thermal engineering2312023
480Office of the Scientific AssistantConjugate local thermal nonequilibrium and non-Darcy flow inside porous enclosure: Analysis of localized heating and cooling arrangementsOmar Rafae Alomar Noor Muneer Bashir1 Applied journal of thermal sciences1932023
481 Office of the University PresidentThe role of effective manufacturing in promoting sustainable development - an exploratory study of the opinions of a sample of employees at the General Company for Pharmaceuticals and Medical Supplies Manufacturing - Samarra Hassan Thabet Noman1Tikrit University Journal of Administrative and Economic Sciences60December 2022
482 Office of the University President Sustainable Application of Coal Bottom Ash as Fine Aggregates in Concrete: A Comprehensive Review.Hamada, HAlattar, A.1Case Studies in Construction Materials16June 2022
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