2019-2020 Research

NoCollege/Institute/University Presidency/CenterDepartmentResearch nameName(s) of teaching staff(number 1 indicates yes)journal Name (for the published research and accepted for publication)Number (for the published)Date (for the published and accepted for publication)The country from which the magazine was issued (state the name of the country)The magazine has an impact factor (number 1 indicates yes)Funding/Supporting source (of the journal): Mention the name of the (university, institution, organization)The research is patented (number 1 indicates yes)
Teacher's name1Teacher name 2Teacher name 3PublishedAccepted for publicationUnpublishedInside IraqArabInternational
1 Presidency UniversityInductive Experimental Study of Corrosion Products of Medium Carbon Steel CK45 Hardened by Magnetized WaterKhaldoon T. IsmailAhmed M. MahmoudThaer Fayez Ahmed1Advances in Materials Science and Engineering202004/02/2020Egypt1Hindawi
2Thermal Behavior of Up to Down Vertical Flame Using Iraqi (LPG) As FuelAhmed M. MahmoudThaer Fayez Ahmed1Journal of Mechanical Engineering Research and Developments43-42020Bangladesh1 University of Engineering and Technology (BUET)
3Experimental Study of A dry Sliding Wear for A Different Materials Using a Pin-On-Disk ApparatusHussein Muhammad AliQusay Younis HamedThaer Fayez Ahmed1Materials Science Forum10022020Switzerland1Trans Tech Publications
4Effect of conic baffles in the shell and helical tube heat exchangersOmar Mahmoud Gomaa1Energy and EnvironmentVolume 30 Issue 8, December 2019May 21, 2019United States1
6Agricultural Technical College/MosulPlant production techniques Effect of trifloralin herbicide in the emerging growth and production of seeds for wild radish (RAPHANUS RAPHANISTRUM L.)weed in different types of soilsDr. Jassim Abdullah HayawiAbdel Moeen Shabib Hamad1Plant ArchivesVol 202020India1
7Plant production techniques The effect of the time and type of cuttings and the concentration of indole butyric acid (IBA) on rooting woody cuttings of Bronswick fig (Ficus carica) Excellent Saleh AbdullahSalah Thanoun1
8Plant production techniquesStudy the effect of nano for tilizers on chickpea yield at yield at different depths of seed presence in the soil Dr. Jassim Abdullah HayawiAlaa KhaledAzhar Idris Thanoun1
9Plant production techniques Use Trifloaralin herbicides cultivation distances and cultivation method to control the weeds acconpaany the local barly crop (Hordeum vulgare L) Dr.. Jassim Abdullah HayawiMuhammad Amin WalidAbdel Moeen Shabib Hamad1
10Plant production techniquesStudy the effect of Trifloalin seeding rate and planting distance in controlling broad leaved weed acco Dr. Jassim Abdullah HayawiAbdel Moeen Shabib Hamad1
11Plant production techniques Effect of different application methods of nano-meterial fortilizer on growth and yield of red cabbage Dr.. Abdel Moneim Saadallah KhalilAbdullah Salem Al-Dabbagh1
12Plant production techniquesphytochemical analaysis and antibacterial activities of franikcense of boswellia servate Dr.. Fatima Ibrahim Sultan1
13Plant production techniques Chemical and Antibacterial Investigation Rosmarinul officinal Dr.. Fatima Ibrahim Sultan1
14Plant production techniques Competitive of wheat crop againt weeds of different sowing rates Dr. Jassim Abdullah HayawiAbdel Moeen Shabib Hamad1
15Plant production techniquesThe effect of different depths of presence of wheat seeds (Lolium rigidum L) in the soil when planting dates differ from the date of spraying with the pesticide Terflan Dr. Jassim Abdullah Hayawi1Kirkuk University Journal of Agricultural SciencesVolume 11, Issue 22020Iraq
16Plant production techniques The effect of adding different concentrations of nano-fertilizer on the growth and green yield of three varieties of garlic.Dr. Muhammad Al-AssafAlaa Khaled1
17 Cotton Research UnitEffect of nanofertiizer and boron zinic on growth and yield of cotton ashore varietyMuhammad Al-Assaf -Immortal brothers1
18 Cotton Research UnitResponse of three varieties to the addition of organic fertilizer Bahumus on vegetative growth and total cotton yield. Muhammad Al-AssafDr. Jassim Abdullah HayawiAlaa Khaled1
19 Cotton Research UnitResponse of three cotton varieties to different concentrations of triplan and its effect on growth and yield.Jassim Abdullah HayawiMahmoud Shukr Mahmoud1
20 Cotton Research UnitThe effect of plowing depth and planting distance on vegetative growth and flowering of local cotton (Assyria) Muhammad Al-AssafMahmoud Shukr MahmoudAlaa Khaled1
21 Cotton Research UnitEffect of different levels of potassium and zinc on growth and yield lint of three varieties of cottonMuhammad Al-AssafAlaa Khaled1
22Animal production techniquesEvaluation of the use of garden cress seeds as food additives in the production and composition of milk and some hematological and biochemical characteristics of Awassi dairy ewes. Qusay Zaki Shams Al-DinEssam Abdel Wahed Girgis1
23Animal production techniquesClimate changes and their impact on food security in IraqAlaa Muhammad AbdullahBashar Mohsen MuhammadDoaa Qasim Sabry1
24Animal production techniquesProtective Effects of milk thistle (silybum marianum) and other ingredients in rhino - hepato on hematology, serum Biochemistry and Newcastle antibody titers during aflatoxicosis in broiler chickens Azhar Majid IbrahimAli Abdel Wahab Al-Kahla1
25Animal production techniquesPhysiochemical relationship between field isolates of mycoplasmas and acholepasmas in two South Australian dairy herds based on sequencing of a short 16S rRNA gene fragmentAbdel-Barr Nouri Ahmed; Kiro Petrovski;Jamie Moffat1EAIEurope
26Animal production techniquesLarge Expert-Curated Database for Benchmarking Docunemt Similarty Detection in Biomedical Literature SearchAbdel-Barr Nouri Ahmed;Peter Brown1 Databasebaz08510/29/2019Britain1 European Alliance for Innovation
27Animal production techniquesComparison of Culture and PCR for Detection of Field Isolates of Bovine Milk MoleculesAbdel-Barr Nouri Ahmed;Farhid Hemmatzadeh; Rick Tearle1Kafkas Üniversitesi Veteriner Fakültesi262/7/2020Türkiye1International Society for Biocuration
28Animal production techniquesApplication of an indirect MilA ELISA for the detection of mycoplasma bovis antibodies in bovine milk Abdel-Bar Nouri Ahmed Nadeeka Wawegama Farhid Hemmatzadeh1 Turkish Journal of Veterinary and Animal Sciences443/3/2020Türkiye1Kafkas Üniversitesi Veteriner Fakültesi
29Animal production techniquesSeparation and identification of many fatty acids and some phenolic compounds from portulaca oleracea and study their biological effect on two types of pathogenic bacteriaFatima Ibrahim Sultan Al-DulaimiAbdel-Bar Ahmed NouriIbtisam Muhammad Shaaban1 Asian Journal of Agriculture and Biology37/30/2020Pakistan1 Scientific and Technical research Council of Turkey
30Animal production techniquesStudy the effect of replacing the skim milk used in making ice cream with some dried fruitGhanem Muhammad HusseinAli Muhammad SaadiMuhammad Ahmed Jassim111 Life Sciences Society
31Animal production techniquesPhysiochemical Characteristics of Ogi Supplemented with Cashew Nut Flour Ogori Akama, Amove J.,Ali Muhammad Saadi1
32Animal production techniquesIsolation and identification of gram negative bacteria contaminating the suckers and studying its sensitivity to antibiotics Dina Nofal Wajih Adiba Younis SharifZubaida Abdel Rahman Abdel Aziz1
33Animal production techniquesEffect of adding tumeric powder to local buck rabbit's rations on some production and blood traits EA EL-RawiAYJasimMS ALI, Fawwaz F.Ali, and Abd Al-Bar Al-Farha1EAIEurope1 European Alliance for Innovation
34Technologies to combat desertificationCalculating the effect of the parameters on a neural network performanceManhal Muhammad Bashir1Journal of the proceedings of the second conference Alnoor-International conference for science and technology baku-azerbaijanAzerbaijannothingnothing
35Technologies to combat desertificationReduce the effort and time in calculating the absenteeism percentage of students using internet of things technologyManhal Muhammad Bashir - Siri Saad Bashir1The Ninth International Scientific Conference of the Baghdad College of Economic Sciences1nothingnothing
36Technologies to combat desertificationAn irrigation system design for a growing olive stand of (olea europea) species in mosul Essam Mohamed SheetDr.. Nadra Abbas Muhammad1
37Technical College / KirkukDepartment of Electronic and Control TechnologyDesign of Fast Real Time controller for the Dynamic voltage Restorer Based on (TS) Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy control systemDr. Samir Saadoun MustafaDr. Bilal AbdullahDr. Muhammad Yahya Suleiman1
38Department of Electronic and Control Technology A low-complexity SLM algorithm to reduce the crest-to-rate ratio of OFDM signalsDr. Abdul Rahman Ikram Siddiq1
39Department of Electronic and Control TechnologyMaximizing the Spectral Efficiency of Index Modulated OFDMDr. Abdul Rahman Ikram Siddiq1
40Department of Electronic Technology and Control + SoftwareStudy of the effect of gradient layers on the performance of a vertical-cavity surface-emitting GaAs laser. Design and optimization of INGaN/GaN VcSEL performanceDr. Farah Zuhair JassimDr. Aashti Mahdi Arif1
41Department of Electronic Technology and Control + Software Design and optimization study of vertical-cavity surface emission GaN/IGaN lasersDr. Farah Zuhair JassimDr. Aashti Mahdi Arif1
42Department of Electronic and Control TechnologyOptical properties of selectively absorbing selenium films prepared by deposition method on aluminum films.Dr. Muayyad Nour al-Din Fathallah1
43Department of Electronic and Control TechnologyData encryption in vpn virtual private network using an algorithm rijndaelNidal Ahmed Hamdi1
44Department of Electronic and Control TechnologyImproving the power factor in the Technical College / Kirkuk using the capacitor bankThe regime of Muhammad Abdel Majeed1
45Survey Technology DepartmentFlexural behavior of reinforced concrete beams reinforced with iron braidsDr. Alia Abbas AliDr. Aziz Ibrahim AbdullahArjan Fakhruddin Abdullah1
46Survey Technology DepartmentImproving the thermal properties of epoxy used in machineryDr. Alia Abbas AliDr. Aziz Ibrahim AbdullahArjan Fakhruddin Abdullah1
47Survey Technology DepartmentSelf-compacting concrete behaves when using crushed stoneDr. Alia Abbas AliDr. Aziz Ibrahim AbdullahArjan Fakhruddin Abdullah1
48Survey Technology DepartmentNew quantitative data on Gypsum omphalocyclusDr. Qahtan Ahmed Muhammad1
49Survey Technology Department Abnormal forms of foraminifera from the age of the Mastretan (Aqra Formation), northern IraqDr. Qahtan Ahmed Muhammad1
50Survey Technology DepartmentThe effect of solar radiation on the movement of artificial satellitesDr. Ahmed Qader Ezzat1
51Survey Technology DepartmentEngineering mechanics (dynamics)Dr. Kamal Al-Din Fadel Hassan1
52Survey Technology DepartmentThe hydrological future of the Hawija BasinDler Abdullah Omar1
53Surveying Technology DepartmentThe concept of census surveying in Iraq and the importance of developing its systemsDr. Nihad Dawoud Hassan1
54Survey Technology DepartmentThe Iraqi Cadastral Survey System and the New Vision for the Global Cadastral Survey System (Cadestro 2014)Dr. Nihad Dawoud Hassan1
55Survey Technology Department Geographic information systems and their applications in municipal departments. City information systemsDr. Nihad Dawoud Hassan1
56Survey Technology Department (GIS) Application of geographic information systemsDr. Nihad Dawoud Hassan1
57Department of Environmental Technology and PollutionSedimentological-facies study of the Saadi and Harta formations from the Qayyarah oil fieldDr. Fawzi Mardan OmarDr. Lafta SalmanWafa Anwar1
58Department of Environmental Technology and PollutionReservoir study of the Nour oil field in southern IraqDr. Fawzi Mardan OmarDr. Fahd AbdullahDr. Muwafaq Salman1
59Department of Environmental Technology and PollutionStudy of air pollution in the North Gas CompanyMaryam Hassan Ahmed1
60Department of Environmental Technology and PollutionRainfall characteristics in Kirkuk cityMaryam Hassan Ahmed1
61Department of Environmental Technology and PollutionStudying the physical and chemical properties of liquid waste in the North Gas Company and evaluating its suitability for irrigationMaryam Hassan Ahmed1
62Department of Environmental Technology and PollutionStudy of the biological characteristics of treated industrial water (at the North Gas Company)Maryam Hassan Ahmed1
63Department of Environmental Technology and PollutionEstimating the fluoride content in some popular hot drinks in Iraqi cities “in four types of tea, chamomile, mint, nomi basra, Nescafe, and coffee, in addition to estimating its content in drinking water.”Zainab Ali Khalaf Zannad1
64Department of Environmental Technology and PollutionDrinking water quality in the city of Kirkuk "using ten variables for samples collected from residential areas in the city of Kirkuk and comparing the results with Iraqi and international determinants and standards and determining the quality index."Zainab Ali Khalaf Zannad1
65Department of Environmental Technology and PollutionStatic analysis of the engagement of a pair of spur gears and the engagement of a small gear with a rack. Static Analysis for Meshing of Spur Gear Pair and Meshing of Pinion with RackIssam Jundi Hassan1
66Department of Environmental Technology and PollutionStudy of Produce Insulation Material from Used Paper to Insulate the Home Water TanksIssam Jundi Hassan1
67Department of Environmental Technology and PollutionThe management of the solid municipal waste in Kirkuk cityHussein Noureddine EzzatTwinkle Khader Abbas1
68Department of Environmental Technology and PollutionMeasuring & analyzing the elements of quality in laboratory columns BadushHussein Noureddine Ezzat1Journal of Administrative Studies215/5/2015IraqUniversity of Basra/College of Administration and Economics
69Department of Environmental Technology and PollutionCauses of drinking water pollution in Kirkuk city Dr. Salah El-Din Abdel-Rahman AhmedIhan Abdullah Abdul WahidBakhtiar Abdul Qadir Ismail1
70Software Technology DepartmentA study on crawler algorithms and their comparisonDr. Aashti Mahdi ArifNour Ali Amin1
71Software Technology Departmentcomparison among different cryptography algorithms used in a cloud computingDr. Aashti Mahdi Arif1
72Software Technology DepartmentInternal model control strategy based on artificial intelligenceDr. Aashti Mahdi Arif1
73Software Technology DepartmentControl of permanent magnet synchronous motors based on the sliding control systemDr. Aashti Mahdi ArifDr. Maher Faiq Muhammad1
74Software Technology Department media wiki Design an interactive website based onDr. N. Zaki AblahadNour Ali Amin1
75Software Technology DepartmentProposing a computer cloud protection systemDr. N. Zaki Ablahad1
76Software Technology DepartmentMatrix representation of abstract groups with lowest ranksDr. Essam Rafiq Faiq1
77Software Technology DepartmentStatistical sampling and its applications in auditing accounts / an applied study in one of the government departments in Kirkuk GovernorateZayan Ihsan KarimDr. Ghazi Abdel Aziz Suleiman1
78Software Technology DepartmentUsing matrix models to project future populationsDr. Abdullah Jalil Khaled1
79Software Technology DepartmentA comparative study between wireless networksFarouk Safaa Al-Din Omar1
80Software Technology DepartmentEvaluation of wireless communication standards in VANET: A case studyMuhammad Hamid Rashid1
81Department of Software Technology + Electronics FPGA using SLM Scheme for PAPR representation and reduction systemsOmar Muhammad SalehDr. Abdul Rahman Ikram Siddiq1
82Software Technology DepartmentArtificial intelligence control of a permanent magnet synchronous generator based on a wind turbineDr. Maher Faiq Muhammad1
83Software Technology DepartmentFuzzy sliding position monitor for a trapezoidal electromotive permanent magnet motorDr. Maher Faiq Muhammad1
84Software Technology Department Criminal protection of oil facilities (comparative legal study)Saddam Ali Hadi1
85Software Technology DepartmentThe ruling on order in Sharia law and the consequences of violating itJamal Fateh Ali1
86Software Technology DepartmentProvisions of guardianship in jurisprudence and its impact on societyJamal Fateh Ali1
87Department of Fuel and Energy TechnologyOzone effect on the corrosion rate using quenched low carbon steelDr. Hussein Habib Hamid1
88Department of Fuel and Energy TechnologyTwo tank of water to generate electricityDr. Hussein Habib Hamid1
89Department of Fuel and Energy TechnologyThe effect of ozone on oxygen generationDr. Hussein Habib Hamid1
90Department of Fuel and Energy TechnologyEnergy losses resulting from the expenditure of associated gas in the fields of the North Oil Company and ways to reduce themDr. Hussein Habib Hamid1
91Department of Fuel and Energy TechnologySynthesis and Charactrization of Some Formazan derivatives and Evaluation of Their Antibiotical ActivityDr. Saad Salem Jassim1
92Department of Fuel and Energy TechnologyPreparation of Some Schiff Bases, Azo, Oxazepine Compounds and Evaluation of Their Antibiotical ActivityDr. Saad Salem Jassim1
93Department of Fuel and Energy TechnologySynthesis and study of antibacterial activity of some new bis-formazan derivativesDr. Saad Salem Jassim1
94Department of Fuel and Energy TechnologyThe Effect of the Valve Timing on the Diesel Engine PerformanceEssam Ezzedine YoussefRafiq Ahmed Khalifa1
95Department of Fuel and Energy TechnologyReducing the power requirements for operating the water pump in the internal combustion engines by using the electrical clutchDr. Hussein Habib HamidRafiq Ahmed Khalifa1
96Department of Fuel and Energy TechnologyStudy of the effect of acid rain on vegetative growth in the areas surrounding the extraction plant at the North Gas CompanyIman Hussein Zain Al-AbidinDr. Osama Ibrahim Ahmed1
97Department of Fuel and Energy TechnologySynthesis of activated carbon from Iraqi wood for carbon dioxide capture from natural gasMuhammad Qadir Abdul Rahman1
98Department of Fuel and Energy TechnologyThe effect of thermal treatments on the corrosion resistance of the composite material prepared from Al-12%Si alloy and zirconium oxide ZrO2 in salt and water media. The effect of heat treatment on the corrosion rate of composite Al-12% and ZrO2Muhammad Zain Al-Abidin Hassan1
99Department of Fuel and Energy Technology + Refrigeration and Air ConditioningStudying the diffusion bonding of different metals (stainless steel 3041 AISI & medium carbon steel on some mechanical properties. Studying the diffusion bonding of two different metals (stainless steel AISI3041 and low carbon steel DIN ST 70_20)Aisha Shawkat HassanNawzad Jalal MahmoudNoureddine Fathallah Suleiman1
100Department of Fuel and Energy TechnologyCorrosion of aluminum in sodium chloride, hydrochloric and sulfuric acid solutionsDr. Jawdat Hami Abdel WahedAisha Shawkat HassanMoayad Khalil Saleh1
101Department of Fuel and Energy TechnologySynthesis, Characterization and Biological Investigation of Some New Metal Complexes of Cu2+, Mn2+, Co2+ and Ni2+ ions with the Ligand 2-[(8-hydroxy-1-quinoline-5-yl)-methyl]-1H-1,2-benzothiazole -3-(2H)-one-11-dioxideDr. Jawdat Hami Abdel WahedDr. Afraa Saber Shehab1
102Department of Fuel and Energy TechnologyThe application of Islamic economic systems and the extent of its success in society by following new jurisprudential methodsDr. Arkan Haider Omar1
103Department of Fuel and Energy TechnologyGiving the fatwa and how to receive it from the questioner using modern methods and methodsDr. Arkan Haider Omar1
104Department of Fuel and Energy TechnologyInnovation in matters of disagreement in personal status jurisprudence, a comparison between Iraqi lawDr. Arkan Haider Omar1
105Department of Fuel and Energy TechnologyManufacturing laboratory units to produce biogas using anaerobic fermentation methodDr. Hussein Habib Hamid1
106Department of Fuel and Energy Technology + Refrigeration and Air ConditioningStudying the impact of adding different percentage of copper to aluminum on some mechanical and physical properties and microstructureAisha Shawkat HassanNawzad Jalal MahmoudNoureddine Fathallah Suleiman1
107Department of Fuel and Energy TechnologyPressure swing adsorpation process for oxygen separation from Air using zeolite type 5ADr. Hussein Habib Hamid1
108Department of Fuel and Energy TechnologyThe impact of corrosion on (Cu - 37 Zn) alloys welded by oxy-Acetylene with three types of filler rods by weight losses methodAisha Shawkat Hassan1
109Department of Fuel and Energy TechnologyChemical comparison between two regions ground water for human usesDr. Hussein Habib Hamid1
110Department of Fuel and Energy TechnologyAn analytical study on the specification of city of kirkuk water and compare it with the water areas of Alton - kopry and Daquq for human use.Dr. Hussein Habib Hamid1Kirkuk University Journal36472015IraqKirkuk University
111Department of Fuel and Energy TechnologyOxygen and Nitrogen separation from Air using Zeolite Type 5ADr. Hussein Habib Hamid1Al-Qadisiyah MagazineVolume Eight, Issue Two1/20/2015IraqAl-Qadisiyah University / College of Engineering
112Administrative Technical College/MosulBusiness management techniquesThe role of sustainable entrepreneurship dimensions in developing small projectsIsraa Waad Allah Qasim1conferenceAlgeria
113Business management techniquesThe role of reverse logistics activities in sustaining competitive advantagesIsraa Waad Allah Qasim1Development of Mesopotamia1232019Mosul / Iraq
114Business management techniquesHuman security and environmental challenges Nawal Younis Muhammad1conferenceLebanon
115Business management techniquesHuman resources engineering in education and its impact on developing knowledge societies Nawal Younis Muhammad1conferenceTunisia
116Business management techniquesLean manufacturing and its impact on organizational cultureRaafat Assi HusseinFares Salah Najm1conferenceLebanon
117Business management techniquesNew approach to solving transportationg model based on the standard deviationAhmed Hamed SalehOmar Ahmed MahmoudAhmed Sobeih Youssef1conferenceBritain
118Electronic management techniquesCognitive function is a linguistic issue Mahmoud Khalif1College of Education Journal1Dhi Qar / Iraq
119Electronic management techniquesRepeating the pattern is a map for stylistic reading in the poem The Rhythm Chooses Me by Mahmoud Darwish Mahmoud Khalif1Chlef University Journal1Algeria
120Electronic management techniquesEtivia confession in the memoirs of Prince Abdul Rahman bin Ziri Mahmoud Khalif1College of Education Journal278Wasit / Iraq
121Electronic management techniquesJustice from text to action in Islamic discourse Mahmoud Khalif1Blogging magazine2Algeria
122Electronic management techniquesHuman resources between reality and ambitionSultan Abdul Rahman Fathi1conferenceTunisia
123Electronic management techniquesScientific research ethics system (analytical perspective)Sultan Abdul Rahman Fathi1conferenceLebanon
124Technical College of Engineering / MosulElectrical power technology engineeringAutomated irrigation system based on soil moisture using arduino boardSafwan Assaf Ali NazimGhanem MohsenBulletin of Electrical Engineering and InformaticsVol. 9, No. 3b1Jun-20
125Electrical power technology engineeringDesign PV System for any Building: A Case between Conventional Solar Cell and Nano Solar CellAli NazimAseel ThamerSafwan Assafindonesian journal of electrical engineering and computer science
126Electrical power technology engineeringPI Controller for DC Motor Speed Realized with Simulink and Practical MeasurementsMohamed Ahmed Ali Nazim Bashar Muhammadindonesian journal of electrical engineering and computer scienceVol. 11, No. 1b1Mar-20
127Electrical power technology engineering Partial discharge Measurement in Solid Dielecter of HV crosslinked Polyethylene(XLPE) submarine cableRasha Abdel Nafi Ali Nazim Bashar Muhammadindonesian journal of electrical engineering and computer scienceVol. 17, No. 33/1/2020
128Computer technologies EngineeringFPGA Based Bone Fracture DetectorHebat Allah TariqBasmah MohammedIOP Conf. Series: Materials Science and Engineering 7542020
129Computer technologies EngineeringFace recognition based on curvelets, variable moments features and SVMMuhammad TalalKaram AbdullahTELKOMNIKA Telecommunication, Computing, Electronics and ControlVol. 18, No. 2b1Apr-20
130Medical device technology engineeringA proposed algorithm for analyzing heart sounds and calculating their time intervalsKhalid Abdul RahmanHassan MaysarMuthanna SharabiBio-Algorithms and Med-Systems.2020
131Medical device technology engineeringControlling a motorized electric wheelchair based on face tilting of GSRKhalid Abdul RahmanHassan MaysarOmar OsmanBio-Algorithms and Med-Systems.July 21, 2019;
132Medical device technology engineeringQualitative assessment of image enhancement algorithms for mammograms based on minimum EDVMazen NazirMohammed GhanemHassan MaysarTELKOMNIKA Telecommunication, Computing, Electronics and ControlVol. 18, No. 2b1Apr-20
133Medical device technology engineeringPID Controller Optimization using Genetic Algorithm Based Zeta Converter ApplicationMuhammad KhadrAbadal Salam T. HussainSyed F. AhmedInternational Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering (IJITEE)Volume-9b1Feb-20
134Computer technologies EngineeringReal-Time Driver Awareness Detection SystemEmad AhmedAZ MohammedAM AarefIOP Conf. Series: Materials Science and Engineering 7452020
135Refrigeration and air conditioning technology engineeringAn experimental investigation of a double pass solar air heater performance: A comparison between natural and forced air circulation processesOmar RafiMuthana MahidiFiras AzizSolar Energyb117-Sep-19
136Refrigeration and air conditioning technology engineeringPerformance analysis of triple-pass solar air heater system: Effects of adding a net of tubes below absorber surfaceHossam NofalOmar RafiMuthana MahidiSolar Energy2020
137Technical Institute / HawijaMedical laboratory techniquesEstimation of urea and creatinine in Type 2 Diabetes mellitus patients.Your Eminence Salman Aziz1
138Some of the physic-chemical properties of yaychee region wells and their suitability for human and animal useSahira Ahmed MahmoudIstabraq Ali Hameed1
139Evaluation of Bromide ION CBr- total organic carbon (TOC) and carcinogenic Bromated compounds expected to – be formed in surface waterIstabraq Ali HameedSahira Ahmed MahmoudYour Eminence Salman Aziz1
140Culture – Sensitivity tests for otitis media diagnosed causative bacteria in Kirkuk provinceMona Jalal Ali Safaa Sultan1
141Antibiotic and virulence profile of UTIS – Associated BacteriaMona Jalal Ali1
142Pattern of antibiotics sensitivity of bacteria surgical site infection in several hospitals in Kirkuk - IraqMona Jalal AliLuqman Hussein Ali1
143Bacteriological study of surgical wound infeatiisus and testing their sensatory to antibiotic in Kirkuk hornitoMona Jalal AliLuqman Hussein Ali1
144Identification of bioactive phytochemical using GG-Mass and TLC to estimate antimicrobial susceptibility of plant extractMona Jalal Ali1
145Natural Products: Its Antibacterial Effects or Burn Healing.Mona Jalal Ali1
146Protection of women during evacuation and displacement in armed conflicts in Islamic lawOwner Jalal AjajAttia Suleiman Khalifa11
147The role of the group in reforming Islamic society.Faisal Najm Abdullah1
148Reminding the sinner to repent from sinFaisal Najm Abdullah1
149Technical Institute/HawijaMaterials management techniquesThe impact of some economic variables on air pollution with industrial gases in Southeast Asian countries for the period 1990-2018. South Korea model.Abdullah Zidane Khalaf1
150The body in the Noble Prophet’s Hadith - a rhetorical study in Sahih Al-BukhariAhmed Mwafaq Hussein1
151The Role of Social Intelligence in Enhancing The Supply Chain and Talent Management Competencies According to The Goleman Model:A Survey Study in Kirkuk Govermoratcs Privatc Hospitals.Muhammad Hussein Gharbi1
152Obstacles to the application of electronic commerce and its impact on marketing insurance servicesMuhammad Hussein GharbiAbdul Razzaq Khader HassanBasir behind Khazal1
153Adhocracy structure and its impact on strategic performance /Afield study in a number of private industrial companies in Kirkuk Governorate. Muzaffar Ahmed Hussein1
154Adopting a model of knowledge management ethics to build creative capabilities - a field study in a number of groups at the Northern Technical University Muzaffar Ahmed HusseinAhmed Abdullah DanoukMuhammad Hussein Gharbi1
155Office management techniquesThe role of public relations in maximizing productionMurad Musa Abd1
156The Relationship Between the technological change and the operational performance from 2011 to 2017: A case study in karwanchi company for mineral water and juicesBasir behind KhazalMajed Mohammed Saleh1
157Impact of Green Human Resource practices on the strengthening of Green core capabilities of Mosul UniversityBasir behind Khazal1
158Electrical technologiesModeling of Stray Losses in Equivalent Circuit of induction Machines.Bilal Abdullah Nasser111
159Frequency and voltage control of SEIG – WT SystemBilal Abdullah Nasser1
160 Accurate Iron Core Loss Model in Equivalent Circuit of Induction Machines.Bilal Abdullah Nasser111
161Electronic technologies Design and Implement a Self-Managed Computer Network for Electronic Exams and sharing.Mukhaled Nouri AbdullahIhab Abdel Rahman SattamRaed and Adallah Dawoud1
162Smart Building ImplementationMukhaled Nouri AbdullahIhab Abdel Rahman SattamHaider Abdel Amir Kamel1
163Efficient method for breast cancer classification based on ensemble hoffing tree and naïve Bayes.Munif Abdullah Ahmed1
164Using Machine Learning for Classification of Arabic Language.Munif Abdullah Ahmed1
165Design and implement a smart computer lab for exam and e-Learning issue.Suhail Najm ShehabRaed and Adallah DawoudIhab Abdel Rahman Sattam1
166Mechanical techniquesInfluence of Stacking Sequences of Multi- Layers (Carbon_Glass/Epoxy) Composite Materials on Mechanical Properties.Iyad Abdel RamadanAhmed Muhammad AbbasFattah Hamad Hassan1
167Water resources technologiesEvaluation of ozone-filled water through oxidation of iron, manganese, and inorganic compounds.Istabraq Ali Hameed1
168The possibility of the formation of bromoform (the carcinogen) as a result of haloform reactions during the water chlorination processIstabraq Ali HameedSahira Ahmed MahmoudYour Eminence Salman Aziz1
169Renewable Energy Research UnitComparison of Domestic Gasoline Fuel for and SI Engine Performance With Commercial Fuel Additives.Obaid Majeed AliOmar Khalil Ahmed1
170Enhancement of Gasoline Fuel Quality With Commercial Additives to Improve Engine Performance.Obaid Majeed AliOmar Khalil Ahmed1
171Evaluation of The Productivity for New Design Single Slope Solar Stil at Different Salt Water Depth.Obaid Majeed Ali1
172Enhancement of Single-Slope Solar still Productivity With Hollow Rotating Evaporation Surface.Obaid Majeed Ali1
173IN brief the super conducting YB co Nanowires - Review.Saleh Issa Jassim1
174Effect of processing parameters on the morphology properties of YBCO Nano structure.Saleh Issa Jassim1
175Technical Institute/DourMechanical techniques mechanical and wear properties of hybrid aluminum matrix composite reinforced with graphite and nano MgO particles prepared by powder metallurgy techniquemillimeter. Anmar is the guest of MahdiSaif Sabah RahimHashem Shaker Hammoud1AIMS Materials Science3/13/2020America both
176Electronic technologiesOptimal area algorithm for data hiding in digital image millimeter. Abdul Karim Muhammad SalehBaraa Taha Sharif Fahd Laith Mal Allah1LIES811/23/2019India both
177Accounting techniquesThe role of the career path in enhancing organizational strengthmillimeter. Mustafa Kamel Youssef Abdul Rahman Karim Muhammad Saad Sabbar Nassif1 Tikrit Journal of Administrative and Economic Sciences493/16/2020 Iraq both
178Accounting techniquesThe reality of total quality management and its relationship to organizational change (An applied study of the opinions of a sample of academic staff at University of Samarra)millimeter. Mustafa Kamel YoussefIshaq Youssef HamdanAhmed Abdel Salam Ahmed1opcion9012/2/2019Venezuela both
179Accounting techniquesdiagnosing the reality of high content management practices in educational organizations millimeter. Laith Abdul Razzaq KamelAhmed Khalaf HamdanSherine Ismail Khalil1journal for advancement of marketing education72/29/2020Britain both
180Medical laboratory techniquesPreparation of nitrile derivative and study its effect as apossible novel drug for diabetes millimeter. Nadia Youssef SalehFiras Shawqi Abdel RazzaqAhmed Kamal Al-Bayati1Annals of herbal medicine and public health234/11/2020India both
181Medical laboratory techniquesStudy the effect of alcoholic extract of Turmeric plant (Curcuma Longa) on growth of Leishmania tropica promastigotes in vitro. A.M.D. Maha Al-Tayef Jassim--1International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research124/15/2020Türkiye both
182Medical laboratory techniquesStudy the levels of cytokines in patients with diabetic type 2 in sammara city millimeter. Khansa Bassem Fadel--1International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research126/15/2020Türkiye both
183Medical laboratory techniquesEstimation of levels some of immunological and heamatological changes of patient that infections with salmonella bacteria in sammara city millimeter. Khansa Bassem FadelMuazzaz Abdul Redha MajeedHoda Shafiq Armit1indian journal of forensic medicine & toxiccology1410/22/2019Iraq both
184Accounting techniquesRequirements for successful strategic planning and their impact on crisis management strategies Mother. Abdel Wahab Abdel Fattah millimeter. Nisreen Abdullah BadawiA.M.D. Sawsan Ibrahim Rajab1 Anbar University Journal of Economic and Administrative Sciences2610/28/2019Iraq both
185Accounting techniquesThe effect of organizational forgetfulness on the effectiveness of administrative decisions Mother. Abdel Wahab Abdel Fattah millimeter. Nisreen Abdullah BadawiA.M.D. Sawsan Ibrahim Rajab1 Tikrit Journal of Scientific and Economic Sciences482019Iraqboth
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254Technical Institute / MosulInformation and librariesSocial media platformsSarah Sadoun Like Shihab Ahmed Mona Hazem Yahya*
255NursingThe Relationship between Psychological Empowerment and Job Satisfaction among NursesRifai Yassin Hamid*
256Office managementThe effect of the formal power of managers on the attraction of employees in the field of workNawal HazemSultan Ahmed KhalifBasma Ibrahim Khalil
257MechanicalEffect of hardening on impact strength for the knife combination harvesterMuhammad Taqi Elias
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283Power mechanicsA Study on Low Grade Geothermal EnergyBasil Ibrahim AhmedAnmar Mahmoud AhmedFaten Mounir Abdel Nour
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285electricityDamping the inrush current for current transformerYousef MohammedOmar GhazalInaam Muhammad Jabr
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301Chemical industriesStudy the Effect of factors on the Rate Constant (k)for some substituted Benzylamine Using theoretical CalculationDr. Hoda Abdel Razzaq YounisDr. Ammar Abdel Sattar IbrahimIntisar Ahmed Suleiman*
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310Surveying techniques Assessment of soil pollution in Industrial Zone South of kirkuk city Ahmed Fateh Omar
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312Surveying techniques The origin of numbers in mathematics and operations and their relationship with KoranAmal Nashaat Shaker
313Surveying techniques Study and Evalution the Water Quality of Tisain Zone kirkuk provonce IraqGhada Hassan Mohamed Fateh
314Mechanical techniques The effect of adding copper on the mechanical properties of aluminumMahmoud Arif Muhammad
315Mechanical techniques Pros and cons of the university field training management system Maral Anwar Mustafa
316Power mechanics techniquesEffect of Solar Radiation Concentration on The Photovoltic Cell Performance by Using Reflector MirrorMahmoud Hussein
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323Electrical technologies Family security and the extent of its safety in the marital relationship and society in Islamic law and law - a comparative studyFarouk Abbas Noureddine
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326Electronic technologiesPLC programming languagesSabir Hameed Yadkar
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328Electronic technologies Big data analysis and security Murad Ahmed Muhammad Amin
329Electronic technologies Research of site edge effects in grapheme – like filmsBassam Mohsen Attia
330Electronic technologiesConnectivity enhancement in cognitive ad hoc networkMurad Ghazi Khalaf
331Electronic technologies Design of fractal micro strip antenna for Wi-Fi devices Ali Najdat Nusrat
332Electronic technologies A new approach to hide text in images using steganographyMuhammad Dawood Hassan
333Chemical industry technologiesA quantitative evaluation of gasoline engine fuels and their effect on the performance of combustion engines.Simko Sharif Rahim
334Chemical industry technologiesUsed oil technology.Cooler Majeed Shawqi
335Chemical industry technologies A study of the specifications of the water coming out of the Karwanji Juice FactoryAli Abdullah Hussein
336Computer systems technologiesEdge Detection Evaluation For Recognition SystemHassan Karim Abdel Rahman
337Computer systems technologiesAn Efficient Technigue For Video StegauographyFaten Hassan Muhammad Siddiq
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339Computer systems technologiesAn algorithm for double encryption and maskingElham Hassan Aziz
340Computer systems technologiesNumerical solutions to the problem of flow in triangular coordinatesAhmed Salar Jalal
341Accounting techniquesThe role of management accounting techniques in improving the performance of industrial companiesGhazi Abdel Aziz Suleiman
342Accounting techniquesThe role of accounting for achievement in maximizing profitsGhazi Abdel Aziz Suleiman
343Accounting techniquesThe role of agile cost management in reducing costsGhazi Abdel Aziz Suleiman
344Accounting techniquesThe impact of cost management techniques on sustainable developmentGhazi Abdel Aziz Suleiman
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365Legal management techniquesAlienation in the Andalusian poetry of Ibn KhafajaIbrahim is a good narrator