Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

Northern Technical University

Technical College Management /Mosul

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Pledges form for students accepted into evening studies ( 2023/2024)

I, the undersigned ( ) pledge to pay the tuition fees for the evening study and all study expenses during the registration period. I pledge that I am not a member of the special ranks, a member of the House of Representatives, or a general manager in government institutions. Otherwise, I bear all legal, administrative and financial responsibilities. .

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I certify that the above signature and pledge is for the student (                                                                           ) and if he fails to pay the tuition fees within a period of two weeks from the date of registration, his admission will be canceled and he will be considered to have failed the semester for the current year if he was registered in it for the previous year, and that the information recorded above is correct and he will bear all legal consequences otherwise.




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