Department of Business Management Technologies

The department aims to prepare technical personnel capable of working in all business sectors within the administrative fields to produce operations in industrial and service companies with an advanced level of qualification that aligns with the rapid developments in this scientific field, such as computer-aided design and manufacturing, high-ranking production and efficient manufacturing, as well as timely production, in addition to comprehensive quality systems and approaches with all their characteristics and levels. The student also studies specialized topics in accounting (managerial, cost), administrative readings, statistics, and electronic computing applications.

A graduate of this department is qualified to work as a specialist in all administrative and accounting affairs, with a particular focus on production operations management and the practice of associated activities, as well as the ability to use computer applications in the field of management and production. The student is required to complete two training stages in government departments, each lasting a month (the second and third stages), in addition to completing a graduation project according to the specific specialization, which is presented in the fourth stage.