Information management technology

Founded (2007) The department is the latest in its name and curricula compared to other departments in other colleges corresponding to the level of Iraq and the Arab world, and the curricula and vocabulary of the department were overcome by a specialized character in the second stage and by focusing on the entrances to electronic administration and its divisions as well as the basics of information technologies
And its systems, database design and how to manage them, electronic rules design, systems analysis and software engineering, as well as enhancing students’ knowledge of contemporary administrative approaches, including knowledge management, total quality management, innovation and creativity management.
and digital and virtual organizations, and the student must pass two training stages in the state departments for a period of one month for each stage
(second and third) in addition to asking the student for a project for graduation and according to the exact specialization and submitted in the fourth stage.
Description of the graduate’s work for the Department of Electronic Management Techniques:
1- Practicing the activity related to administrative knowledge and techniques in the field of e-business.
2- Using applications, electronic programs and modern technologies in the field of administrative work.

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An introductory overview of the department

(Dr. Harith Akram Hamoudat)