The Strategic Direction of  Department of Statistics and Informatics Techniques

The department’s vision seeks to build a qualitative graduate who has an active role in analysis and decision-making in the information society through supporting of the statistical aspect and information technology.
 The department’s mission emerges from the college’s mission through the department’s interaction with the rest of the college departments. Therefore it provide students with the aspects of application related to their scientific specialization in a way that qualifies them to enter the labor market to practice their statistical roles and informational one in the field of using systems and applications and contributions to support decisions based on scientific databases.
1.     Preparing graduates who are qualified to interact and communicate with the community and have the ability to deal with modern statistical techniques in a manner that is compatible with the labor market.
2.     Qualifying graduates to use statistical and information tools using modern technologies to raise the quality of the educational process.
3.     Contribute to the development of the science of statistics and informatics techniques through holding seminars, workshops, statistical conferences and training courses.
4.     Establishing scientific relations between the department and other scientific centers in all the various fields. 

Graduate job description

The graduates of the Department of Statistics and Informatics Techniques are qualified to use different kinds of statistical programs in order to have:
1. The ability of providing statistical consultations to researchers, government departments and institutions in various fields of applied sciences, processing and analyzing many data statistically and extracting and interpreting statistical indicators.
2. The ability to deal with ready-made modern statistical programs to assist in the preparation of reports and statistical studies related to various activities. Therefor they can be qualified to complete their postgraduate studies inside and outside Iraq.