Accounting Techniques Department



          The department’s vision is toenrich the labor market with qualified technical staff in the field of accounting, auditing and informatics techniques in accordance with academic and applied educational curricula in line with economic development and serving (official and unofficial entities and various economic sectors.


The department’s mission is to prepare graduates with technical skills in the fields of accounting, auditing and informatics with the basics of other sciences, in addition to providing the learner with the applied aspects related to their specialization and working to keep up with scientific and technical development in line with the variables of the field of work.


1.     Ensure the highest levels of compatibility between educational outcomes and the skills required by the labor market.

2.     The graduate has the ethics of the profession that the accountant and auditor should have in society.

3.     Developing the educational program and teaching packages for all subjects in the department in line with developments in the means of technology and the expansion of the use of computers in the operation of accounting and financial information systems and investment in the government and business sectors.

4.     Contributing in continuing education courses, as well as developing and raise the efficiency of the performance of state employees and other business sectors, and provide accounting and financial advice to the requesting parties


Graduate job description

The study program in the Department of Accounting Techniques aims to:

1.     provide the graduates with the scientific and practical ability which is necessary to use contemporary accounting techniques. Also it provides them by the skills of practicing accounting that works in various economic units and in all accounting disciplines, which includes (financial accounting, cost accounting, auditing, management accounting).

2.     Enable the graduates to deal with the financial statements through electronic publication. Also it enables them to deal with financial and accounting issues in e-government.

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An introductory overview of the department

(Dr. Israa Youssef Thanoon)