The establishment of the Northern Technical University

Technical Institutes were firstly established in 1969, where it was linked administratively with Baghdad university. In 1972, the Establishment linked to the Ministry of Higher education and scientific research where it embraced only five institutes and all of them were located in Baghdad. In 1988, the name was changed into the foundation of technical institutes and institutes of health professions were added. In 1993, technical Colleges were founded to satisfy country’s need for technical staff at the level of bachelor. In 2001, the name was changed to foundation of technical education to include technical colleges and institutes. In 2014, the foundation of technical education was subdivided into four technical universities as following:

  1. Northern Technical University
  2. Middle Technical University
  3. AL-Furat Al-Awsat Technical University
  4. Southern Technical University

From here was the establishment of NTU.

Northern Technical University (NTU): It is a specialized university that keeps on markets’ needs and renewable requirements. NTU qualifies thousands of students and rises their scientific productive skills. NTU has several scientific departments and branches like (Engineering, Agriculture, Administrative and medical). Consequently, it is considered as a scientific edifice that grants technical diploma, bachelor and master degrees. The university covers study requirements for both theoretical and practical sides with supervision of professional technical lecturers and staff from university technicians and engineers. Finally, the university embraces eight specialized colleges and six technical institutes distributed in the northern area of Iraq.

NTU Colleges and Institutes
Technical Engineering College of Mosul
Technical Enginnering College of Kirkuk
Technical College of Management Mosul
Technical College of Agriculture

College of Health and Medical Techniques

College of Oil and Gas Techniques Engineering

College of Health and Medical Techniques/ Aldour

Hawija Technical College

Mosul Technical Institute

Kirkuk Technical Institute

Nineveh Technical Management Institute

Technical Institute-Hawija

Al-Dour Technical Institute

Mosul Medical Technical Institute