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The establishment of the institute


The Message


Academic programme

It includes subjects and units for each academic stage and for all scientific departments

Lecture schedules

This section includes schedules of scientific departments for online and online lectures

Teachers' biographies

The teacher's CV contains academic information and research sites

Examination schedules

Examination schedules for scientific departments are published according to the fall and spring timings, a week before the exams date

Educational Subjects

Includes educational bags for study materials for the theoretical and practical part

Contact us

We can be contacted by placing inquiries and e-mails, as well as the institute's location on the map

Exam schedules

A page containing exam schedules for scientific departments

Video library

It includes links to educational YouTube channels for scientific departments.

Teaching research

This section includes research published in scientific journals and specialized scientific websites.

Related websites

This section includes websites related to Northern Technical University.

Our location on the map

This section includes the website of the deanship of Kirkuk Technical Institute.

Workshops and seminars

This section includes workshops and seminars held at Kirkuk Technical Institute.

Organizational structure

The organizational structure of Kirkuk Technical Institute -

Students' Discipline Law

This section includes the laws and regulations related to student discipline in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

Teaching research

This section includes published research for faculty members.

NTU Digital Repository

This section includes the digital repository of Northern Technical University.

The top students

This section includes the top students at Kirkuk Technical Institute.

Academic calendar

This section includes the academic calendar for the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

Qualification and Employment

This section includes the activities of the Rehabilitation and Employment Department.

The electronic platforms

This section includes all electronic platforms of Northern Technical University.

Electronic Inquiries

An electronic service dedicated to receiving inquiries, following up on requests for citizens and employees, and requesting to meet officials at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

The scientific symbols and celebrities

This section includes information about some celebrities and scientific figures who are graduates of our institute.

EMS portal

This section includes the Human Resources Management portal at Northern Technical University.

Library Division

This section includes the library of Kirkuk Technical Institute.

Graduates database

This section includes a database of graduates from Northern Technical University.

Technical Institute of Kirkuk Academic Guide

This section includes a guide for the teaching staff of Kirkuk Technical Institute.

Kirkuk Technical Institute admission plan

This section includes the admission plan at Kirkuk Technical Institute.

Introductory and Promo Videos

This section includes photo albums of buildings and laboratories at Kirkuk Technical Institute.

Authenticated documents platform

This section includes the chest health platform.

Instructions and laws

This section includes instructions and regulations in the Ministry of Higher Education.

Courses Guide

This section includes the course guide for the scientific departments.

Academic Program Description

This section includes the academic description of the scientific departments at Kirkuk Technical Institute.

Statistics about graduates

This section includes data on graduates from Kirkuk Technical Institute.

Student Information System (SIS)

This section includes the sis platform.

Guidance and Administrative Templates

This section includes models and administrative evidence.

Scientific promotions

This section includes scientific promotions

Site map

This section includes the site map

Survey of Employers' Opinions

This section includes the opinion of employers on graduates of Kirkuk Technical Institute.


This section includes the library of Northern Technical University.

Registration and admission requirements

This section includes the registration, admission, and graduation requirements at Kirkuk Technical Institute.