Northern Technical University (NTU) is one of four public technical universities distributed over Iraq except Kurdistan region that has another three Technical Universities. NTU was established in 2014 after restructured the foundation of technical education to four technical universities with the aims to develop students’ scientific productive skills.
NTU is a specialized university that keeps on markets’ needs and renewable requirements. NTU qualifies thousands of students and rises their scientific productive skills. NTU has several scientific departments and branches like (Engineering, Agriculture, Administrative and Medical). Consequently, it is grants different technical qualifications including diploma, bachelor, master and doctoral degrees. The university covers study requirements for both theoretical and practical sides with supervision of professional technical lecturers and staff from university technicians and engineers. NTU focuses on technical and practical training and puts them on the top of its priorities. In addition, NTU seeks to develop the scientific researcher’s skills through establishing relationships with international university by MOUs, where NTU has in place several agreements with both Arabic and international universities to acquire the knowledge and experience. Finally, the university embraces five specialized Colleges and five technical institutes distributed in three provinces in the north of Iraq, specifically provinces of Nineveh, Kirkuk and Salahaddin.