Program goal

The Master’s study program in the Department of Animal Production Technologies aims to achieve several educational, professional and research objectives. The general objectives include the following:

Developing knowledge and understanding: The program seeks to enhance knowledge and understanding in the field of animal production techniques, including both theoretical and practical aspects of the subject. Students can gain a deeper understanding of animal science and how this science applies to animal production.

Developing Research Skills: Provides students with the opportunity to develop research and analytical skills by conducting original research in the field of animal production technologies. The program encourages advanced studies and original contributions to the field.

Developing applied skills: The program aims to provide students with the practical and technical skills necessary to work in multiple fields related to animal production, such as animal farm management, animal husbandry, and the manufacture of animal products (such as meat and dairy).

Professional Improvement: Earning a master’s degree in animal production technology enhances employment opportunities and career advancement in industries such as livestock farming, farm management, animal product development, and animal research.

Contribution to industry: Graduates from Master’s programs in Animal Production Technologies can contribute to improving animal production and the quality of animal products, thus supporting the meat, dairy, poultry and other industries.