College Vision

Enhancing agricultural reality by opening new and promising horizons that mirror global advancements in the agricultural sector, and working to establish genuine partnerships that promote innovation and scientific research to become a leader in the region.


Elevating students’ professional and personal capacities by reinforcing and developing their scientific skills in various agricultural fields, directing them towards entrepreneurship, advocating for the concept of self-employment, and increasing their ability to compete for job opportunities while bridging the gap in the agricultural sector in accordance with the requirements of sustainable development.

General Objectives

The Agricultural Technical College aims to equip graduates with freelance skills, change students’ attitudes towards entrepreneurship, and prepare them for the job market, especially in light of the rapid developments in the work environment, to secure suitable employment opportunities in line with governmental directives emphasizing the necessity of activating the role of the private sector. The college may, in accordance with its mission, establish specialized units to assist students and graduates in developing their self and practical capabilities to support competitive job opportunities and alleviate the burden on the government. Additionally, it aims to spread awareness of the importance of the private agricultural sector in providing employment opportunities and food security.


Faculties Staff


Postgraduate students


Honor roll for top students




Undergraduate students




Published researches

Academic programme

It includes subjects and units for each academic stage and for all scientific departments

Final exam schedules

This section includes all final exam schedules for all academic departments

Lecture schedules

This section includes schedules of scientific departments for online and online lectures

Teachers' biographies

The teacher's CV contains academic information and research sites


managing conferences, seminars and workshops

Evidence and laws

It includes some guides and laws approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

Educational Subjects

Includes educational bags for study materials for the theoretical and practical part

Suggestions and complaints

This form includes the submission of suggestions, opinions, and complaints by members of the formation and students

The Agricultural Technical College’s participation in the project of planting a million trees began after the college’s return from the alternative site in Erbil to the original site in Mosul, where the first committee for the project was formed and began work in March 2018, where it removed the rubble, remnants and remnants of the Mosul liberation war. 

Fish Hatchery project

This project was established at the Agricultural Technical College with the support of the French organization, which works on the production of fish fingerlings in the college’s ponds and then fertilization of eggs in laboratories and the production of new hybrids as well as to preserve the fish wealth in the province


The Agricultural Technical College owns scientific laboratories that help students gain scientific knowledge and conduct animal and agricultural research and examinations, which provide a distinguished scientific environment.

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