The Technical Institute is organizing an electronic course entitled (Therapeutic Nutrition)

Northern Technical University in joint cooperation with the University of Karbala.
The Administrative Technical College organizes an online workshop on (The use of artificial neural networks in financial forecasting).
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The Technical Institute is organizing an electronic course entitled (Therapeutic Nutrition)

The Department of Medical Laboratory Techniques at the Technical Institute organized an electronic course entitled (Therapeutic Nutrition) and on the Al-Khwarizmi Hall at the Institute, the course was delivered by:

  • The assistant Professor Dr. Abeer Talib Abdel Qader, head of the department above.
  • The assistant teacher Engneeer Abeer Saleh Hassan, a teacher in the department.

And it was attended by a number of university employees.

The session covered several topics, including:

  1. Definition of therapeutic nutrition
  2. Types of therapeutic nutrition
  3. Physiotherapy

The course aimed to:

  1. Knowledge of therapeutic nutrition and its types and how to deal with it.
  2. Encouraging employees to follow healthy systems to avoid diseases.
  3. Knowing how to deal with each sick condition with its own diet.

The session indicated the following:

  • The necessity of encouraging employees to present similar topics in order to spread health cultural awareness.
  • The importance of everyone’s commitment to the health systems of individuals suffering from some diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure and heart.
  • Opening a health unit for the formation staff to follow up on sick cases that need nutritional regimens to control them.

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