The Strategic Direction of  Technical College of Management/ Mosul

The Technical College of Management/ Mosul is one of the   formations of the Northern Technical University that belongs to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. It is established in 2007 to keep up with scientific and technological developments and recent trends in science and aspects of their application. The college also includes four scientific departments:

  1. Department of Business Administration Techniques.(D.B.A.T(
  2. Department of Accounting Techniques.(D.A.T(
  3. Department of Electronic Management Techniques.(D.E.M.T(
  4. Department of Statistics and Informatics Techniques.(D.S.I.T(

The number of students ranges from 2007 till 2022 approximately 1800 students. The college has both morning and evening studies as shifts system in addition to postgraduate studies (Master’s in Business Administration Techniques Department, Higher Diploma in Business Administration and Electronic Administration Techniques Departments) as well as establishing the doctoral study in Business Administration techniques for the academic year 2023-2024.


The college’s vision is embodied through the constant pursuit of leadership and quality in providing services and developing expertise for academic and research work and community service. This is in order to ensure the achieving of the academic accreditation for the university and gain the satisfaction of the beneficiaries in a way that secure for them to achieve their ambitions by bringing the best technical services so as that it evaluates the refinement of skills and direct paths positively.


The college uses the best educational means through an experienced scientific teaching staff with high experience in all technical fields, in line with the requirements of the labor market and within an ethical framework that reflects the strategic approach adopted by the college and in a manner that serves the development process in society.


  1. Preparing a technical environment in line with contemporary trends within the framework of pairing theoretical and applied frameworks.
  2. Securing technical outputs with good competencies that meet the needs of the market and provide a response to any developments within the framework of the continuous attraction of the largest possible number of students.
  3. Seeking to change the capabilities of students in the field of academic and field research to develop their capabilities in their field of specialization. Also it tries to facilitate the advanced knowledge and the completion of graduate studies to meet the needs of academic education.

Scientific Departments:

The college cofers a bachelor’s degree in technical management sciences. The duration of study is four years, meanwhile the student receives theoretical aspects as well as practical applications. The student passes two training stages in government departments and institutions for a month in each of the second and third stages.

The admission to the college requires that the applicant has a  school certification. So it accepts the graduates of the final stage of the preparatory schools for the sixth scientific applied branch. Those graduates can be accepted in all the above mentioned four departments of the college (the Department of Business Administration Techniques, the Department of Accounting Techniques, the Department of Electronic Management Techniques, and the Department of Statistics and Informatics Techniques). Also the college accepts the graduated of the sixth literary branch in both of the Department of Business Administration Techniques and the Department of Accounting Techniques.

The titles that are awarded to the college’s BA graduates are as follows:

  1. The title (Assistant Observer) will be given for the college’s graduate from the Department of Business Administration Techniques.
  2. The title (Assistant Accountant) will be given for the college’s graduate from the Department of Accounting Techniques
  3.  The title (Assistant Information Technician) will be given for the college’s graduate from the Department of Electronic Management Techniques.
  4. The title (Assistant Statistical Technician) will be given for the college’s graduate from the Department of Statistics and Informatics Techniques. 

As well as the title (Administrative Technician) is awardred to MA grduates from the Department of Business Administration Techniques.