Nursing techniques

About the emergence of the Department: - The right of nursing department to the Institute in 1988, and before this date was one of the scientific departments at the Institute of Higher Health of the Ministry of Health, graduated the first course of the students of the department in the academic year 1989- 1990. As the evening study, introduce in the department in the year 2015-2016 Objectives: The department aims to graduate nursing staff with high technical skill capable of performing nursing tasks required by the treatment and care of the patient under the supervision of the physician in the halls. Visvision:- Excellence in performance and leadership in technical education to meet the requirements of health institutions. Message: - Rehabilitation of the students of the department scientifically, practically and technically to meet the requirements of health institutions based on the competence of 2 specialists and high experience of the staff of the department and the application of advanced curricula and keep pace with modern nursing science and commitment to ethics