Dear Sir/Madam,

On behalf of the Northern Technical University (NTU), we are delighted to invite you to participate as a keynote speaker in our Food Security Forum (FSF). You can add some notes in your speech about your organization’s vision, strategies and efforts to sustain food security.

FSF of the NTU looking for, through multidisciplinary approaches, highlighting the issues of food security and its repercussions, and dimensions for Iraq and other related societies in order to enhance our food sustainability programs. The primary goal of the FSF is to provide a global forum for academic experts and participants. Cutting-edge issues will be discussed relating to climate change, agricultural sustainability, effects of Russia and Ukraine war, difficulties of international trade and economy, and threats of water security.

The forum will be held on 12th-13th of October at 10:00am in the Northern Technical University (NTU), Al-Minassah Street, Mosul, Iraq. The FSF has the title of “OUR GENERATION’S FUTURE AND SUSTAINABLE FOOD SECURITY”.

If you interest to participate, please inform us no later than the 1st of October by emailing Dr. Atheer Gajo (the NTU incubator manager) using or calling +9647730837886.



Looking forward to hearing from you,

Dr. Atheer Gajo