Department of Radiology Techniques


The Department of Radiology Techniques is marked by teaching medical radiographic techniques, and supporting the development process in the country to build a healthy society.


To embody the ethics of technical education by providing technical higher education, which is capable of meeting the needs of the labor market in various fields of radiology and medical imaging, and seeks to develop knowledge and skills in line with the changes taking place in society.


  1. The department aims to rehabilitate technical and medical staff in radiology.

  2. To train students on how to deal with various medical conditions, methods of taking care of them, and justifying radiation exposure to them.

  3. To provide students with the ethical, professional, administrative, and radiographic quality in the radiology department.

  4. To familiarize students with the dangers of radiation exposure and how protecting workers and patients from these risks.

  5. To develop students’ educational research capabilities and creativity skills.

Graduate Description

1-Minimizing the side effects by positioning the patient correctly.

2- Adjusting radiographic devices suitably to capturing radiographic photos for the targeted organ.

3- Using chemical auxiliary substances in radiography.

4- Doing film development to all pictures.

5- Doing maintenance on devices recently used.

The Technical Center for Medical Imaging

Founded in 1972, the Department of Radiography Techniques is an advanced technology center that contains sophisticated imaging equipment, x-ray laboratories, and a well-equipped hall for both practical and theoretical training. The center provides services to the institute’s staff and students. The Technical Centre for Medical Imaging is licensed by the Ministry of Environment/ Center of radiation protection/ Environment Directorate of Nineveh, according to its No. 3934 of 5/8/2011; and all the workers in the Technical Centre for Medical Imaging apply measures necessary for protection.

Devices available in the Technical Center for Medical Imaging

A- X-Ray apparatus Shimadzu Japanese -made 30 mA.

B- X-Ray apparatus Chinese origin 100 mA

C- X-Ray apparatus Korean origin 525 mA

D- X-ray apparatus (mammography) 100 mA.

E- Automatic processing film developing device

F- U.S. digital processing device manufacturing – Kodak Company

The Center also contains:

1- Sonar device: total number (2)

2- Doppler device:  total number 1