Department of Pharmacy Techniques



The Department of Pharmacy Technique was established to become a scientific, cultural, and intellectual radiation center, which provides the Iraqi society in particular and the Arab community with efficient technical outputs that meet their needs qualitatively and quantitatively. It consists of specialized branches, equipped with high-quality education requirements (modern laboratories for training students, internet network smartboards specialized technical staff with higher degrees possess scientific skills in their specialization, etc.). It adopts the open education system and distance education.


The Department aims to prepare administrative-technical staff responsible for managing materials equipped with academic knowledge and practical skills that enable them to convert plans and goals into action and be a link between the director and employees in charge. These staff can translate the plans and goals of the organization and the manager’s thoughts into action.


To prepare qualified technical staff who can work in the clinical and pharmaceutical pharmacy under the pharmacist’s supervision and in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries under the pharmacist or chemist’s supervision, whether in government departments or the private sector.

Graduate Description 

  1. The graduate can read prescriptions and dispense medications, as well as classifying and arranging them in the pharmacy under the supervision of the pharmacist.

  2. In medication laboratories, he/she assists the pharmacist or chemist in preparing medicines, supervising, monitoring, and controlling production lines, applying quality control methods during drug production, and making laboratory preparations for examination or analysis.

  3. The graduate can work in Factories of medical and chemical formulations and cosmetics, under the supervision of a pharmacist or chemist.

  4. The graduate can work in drug stores, dispensaries, and laboratories where carry out all stages of storage, classification, and arrangement.

  5.  The graduate can operate pharmaceutical equipment such as pill grinding, pressing, pulverizing devices, and pill hardening devices.


The Pharmacy Department, founded in 1995, aims to prepare staff that works in pharmaceutical fields under the title (pharmacist assistant). After two years of qualifying study, the ratio of education and practical training will be about 60%, additionally the summer training, which the student is subjected to accomplish as a prerequisite of study fulfilment in the health directorate. Graduates of this department will be awarded a technical diploma in pharmacy. The top graduated students have the right to complete their academic studies in pharmacy colleges in the country’s universities.



The Department of Pharmacy includes the following laboratories:

1- Laboratory of Pharmacy

2- Laboratory of chemistry and pharmaceutical chemistry

3- Laboratory of pharmacology and medicines

4- Laboratory of microbiology and physiology

5- Computer Applications Laboratory

6- Scientific research laboratory