Department of Office Management Techniques


The Department of Office Management Techniques was established to become a scientific, cultural, and intellectual radiation center, which provides the Iraqi society in particular and the Arab community with efficient technical outputs that meet their needs qualitatively and quantitatively. It consists of specialized branches, procurement, storage, and marketing, equipped with high-quality education requirements (modern laboratories for training students, internet network Smartboards Specialized technical staff with higher degrees possess scientific skills in their specialization, etc.). It adopts the open education system and distance education.


The Department aims to prepare administrative-technical staff responsible for managing offices equipped with academic knowledge and practical skills that enable them to convert plans and goals into action and be a link between the director and employees in charge. These staff can translate the plans and goals of the organization and the manager’s thoughts into action.


The department aims to prepare specialized technical cadres to use modern technologies and computer applications in the field of office management, communications, and correspondence to accomplish office work in various institutions, and these cadres can:

  • Preparing office work, managing and organizing workflow in the different administrative units.

  • Organizing departmental meetings in internal and external tasks.

  • Carrying out private and public secretarial work, including organizing interviews and; answering the phone, organizing mail.

  •  Using modern mechanization in administrative and office work, such as a calculator, advanced duplicating equipment, photography, and electronic calculator.

  • Development and simplification of office procedures using modern technologies.

  • Do self-management functions and work and issuing administrative orders related to personnel affairs.

  • Editing answers to incoming books, carrying out correspondence and preparing administrative reports.

Graduate Description

The graduate can use modern technologies and computer applications in office management, communications, and correspondence to accomplish office work properly.

Laboratories of the Department

The department has a developed computer laboratory for the students to apply their lessons practically, and a second modern laboratory for Information Technology specialized in administration.