Department of Medical Laboratories Techniques


The Department of Medical Laboratory Techniques represents a mean to meet the community’s need for specialized cadres in supporting various health, research, and educational institutions, in addition to investing the energies of teachers and students in primary and higher theoretical and applied scientific research and studies, within future foundations in line with recent developments through acquiring of high technical and professional expertise and utilizing them scientifically and academically according to an advanced methodological perspective.


The Medical Laboratory Techniques Department was established in response to the community’s need for specialized service cadres with scientific specifications, modern technical standards, preparing them to work in various health, and supporting the private sector. It seeks to provide the best services and develop the teaching staff and students in scientific research; to expand the horizons of scientific cooperation with the relevant corresponding departments to achieve integration.


To aim to graduate technical staff capable of working in medical laboratories, conducting laboratory analyzes, doing general chemical tests, examining fluids, and operating and maintaining laboratory devices.

Graduate description

The graduate is qualified to carry out the following work:

1- Performing laboratory work related to isolating, staining, and examining germs.

2- It prepares and sterilizes all agricultural media and checks food for any contamination.

3- Performing all blood analyzes and checks.

4- performing urine and various body fluids (knee fluids, spinal fluid, sputum, semen)

5- preparing tissue slides for different parts of the body and preparing them for examination.

6- Preparing all laboratory solutions.

7- Operating and maintaining medical laboratory equipment used in the pathological analysis.