Materials Management Techniques


The Department of Material Management Technique was established to become a scientific, cultural, and intellectual radiation center, which provides the Iraqi society in particular and the Arab community with efficient technical outputs that meet their needs qualitatively and quantitatively. It consists of specialized branches, procurement, storage, and marketing, equipped with high-quality education requirements (modern laboratories for training students, internet network Smartboards Specialized technical staff with higher degrees possess scientific skills in their specialization, etc.). It adopts the open education system and distance education.


The Department aims to prepare administrative-technical staff responsible for managing materials equipped with academic knowledge and practical skills that enable them to convert plans and goals into action and be a link between the director and employees in charge. These staff can translate the plans and goals of the organization and the manager’s thoughts into action.


Preparing qualified technical staff can practice private activities related to the purchase, production, storage, and marketing of products (goods and services) in the field of work (both government departments and the private sector).

Graduate Description

1-To exercise activities related to the qualitative and quantitative examination of the received materials and their conformity with the required specifications; receiving the materials and entering them into storage.

2- Carrying out activities related to classified materials.

3- To examine, stack, implement, and store materials using various storage techniques and provide appropriate conditions for them.

4- Keeping inventory records, organizing their documents, and keeping them.

5- To prepare the necessary data for the procurement, production, and storage operations and; to prepare the statements related to the materials and following up the movement of warehouse materials.

6- Using computer programs for managing materials, marketing, and purchasing activities.

7- To explore the markets to know the needs and desires of consumers.

8- Practicing marketing activities according to market requirements.

9- Creating suitable distribution centers for goods and services.

10- Using scientific methods to promote and advertise products.

11- Preparing the necessary data for marketing operations and preparing related statements.

12 – Using scientific methods in planning; estimating the annual needs of materials and requirements necessary for production and ensuring its continuity.

13- Carrying out activities related to planning processes for purchasing annual needs following advanced scientific methods

and provide them according to production plans and in light of available data from market studies.

14- Organizing and following up the purchase requests for the needs and preparing the statements related to them.

15- Supplying production lines with their needs of materials and at the appropriate times, and following up the stock of in-progress production between production and finished lines at the end of the production lines.