Department of Computer Systems Techniques


Building the department on cutting-edge scientific theories allows it to lead the institute’s scientific departments in terms of educational and skill services provided to students. This department is distinguished by the high standards of scientific research and teaching, which are reflected in the level of educational programs and curricula and the availability of training and development opportunities, which enable it to supply the local community with highly qualified employers.


putting into practice the idea of “moving from the department to the field of work” using cutting-edge training methods and current curricula that get students ready for a renowned scientific education. The promotion of the student to a level of ambition that serves society, the nation, and the nation to occupy a prominent position among nations by ensuring constructive, positive interaction between computer sciences, software, mathematics, statistical sciences, and related sciences, leading to knowledge integration.


  • educating staff so they have the skills need to enter the workforce successfully.

  • preparing employees to handle work demands utilizing new techniques.

  • increasing the importance of job loyalty and affinity in companies.

  • bridging the gap between conventional and scientific courses in a way that takes current events into account.

  • improving the notions of excellence in quality and quantity to meet standards of excellence and scientific competency.

  • establishing a scientific, research, and application environment that is beneficial to corporations and locating effective answers to their issues.

  • assessing the success of yearly educational and training programs to achieve the greatest results.