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The Animal Production Department is a scientific and practical rehabilitation center for training graduates who supply the agricultural sector with efficient scientific and practical competencies that fulfill the country’s quantity and quality needs. Those graduates offer work assignments in all of their fields of specialization.


Agricultural technical graduates are prepared to work in fields specialized in domesticated animals, pollination, agriculture markets, hatcheries, fish farms, slaughterhouses, and veterinary clinics. The department has high-quality academic prerequisites that prepare graduates to enter the workforce.


Developing qualified technical cadres to carry out relevant activities in governmental agencies or the private sector.

  • Conducting activities relating to the qualitative and quantitative inspection of  feed materials and their conformance to specified specifications.

  • Practicing activities connected to the animal field and veterinary clinic management

  • Using various storage procedures and maintaining optimal conditions for feed materials

  • Keeping track of diverse animal fields’ records, as well as arranging and archiving their paperwork.

  • To handle animal slaughterhouses and veterinary hospitals.

  • Managing livestock and feed fields using computer software

  • Using a market research to learn about the requirements and wants of animal product consumers

  • To contribute to the treatment of epidemic illnesses affecting various farm animals, as well as vaccines and immunizations, and to prevent and restrict the spread of diseases transferred to customers through animals and their products.

  • To use modern scientific techniques to carry out dairy processing operations and delivering them in line with production plans and market research data.

  •  To put into practice tasks linked to the management of poultry farms and hatcheries.

  • To perform operations relating to the administration of artificial insemination facilities and services relating to the supply of artificial insemination services in the